speaker cables for callisto speakers

recently i bought a pair of Audio Magic Xstreme cables for use with the callisto's and although the sound seams cleaner the soundstage became smaller and the detail and dynamics also diminished quite a bit, the cables they replaced was Analysis plus Oval 9, the rest of my gear is
Audio Research LS-2 preamp, Aragon A-200 amp, Rega Saturn cd player, Green Mountain Audio Hammer lite Sub and various cables by Analysis plus, I would really appreciate any suggestions .
Was this a new cable? break-in? Cables usually take about three days to "settle",or it's possible that there is a synergy problem.
I've had the cable for at least a month , I bought the cable on a friend's recommendation but it just doesn't work on my system , any suggestions ?
Time to swap out those cables.Had you thought about the Grover Huffman cables?
I'm not familiar with the brand name were can i get more info on them .
Google:Grover Huffman cables.There are a set of cables from this manufacturer on AGon.Maybe they provided a "link".
what about Stereovox Firebird has anyone heard this cables and how do they fare against other cables from Audio Magic, Analysis Plus, Grover Huffman please any help will be greatly appreciated.
We all experience what seem to be 'synergies.' It leads to many suggestions of what might be worth a try.

Based on what I have heard and learned, I do not think this is the case with Morgoth's speaker wires from Audio Magic.

He reports the sound is cleaner. This is why he also hears the soundstage become smaller. One aspect of cleaner sound is a less 'phasey' presentation. Now, this lack of 'phasiness' always makes the soundstage smaller, precisely because there is less 'out of phase' information delivered (created by many cables). It is that increase in clarity that says one is on the right track.

Then why does Morgoth hear the detail and dynamics also diminish quite a bit? When I have heard the same, I eventually found that first, the wire is actually passing the dynamics more accurately:
Peaks are rising more quickly (Morgoth's "cleaner sound" again being the key indicator) and then decaying farther into the background.

This represents an increase in dynamic range, but because the other wires are actually compressing the dynamics, they seem louder. They are, being louder on the average . This is exactly why studios compress drummers, to 'sound loud and therefore dynamic', hence the Dire Straits recordings that many think are 'super-dynamic'.

Because the average sound level is 'less loud', then the volume should be increased, and the details will re-emerge. Then, start listening to many recordings non-critically, learning to trust one's emotional responses to favorite selections. The subconscious will not lie. Try some of the less-compressed jazz and pop recordings of the 1950's and early 60's, such as by Louis Prima and Keely Smith or Oscar Peterson Trio. Classical recordings from that era also reveal much.

Then switch back to the other cable after a couple of weeks. If what I suggest is true, then the music will become a) louder, and b) more boring.

Some would resist any suggestion to turn up the volume. I did for many years, knowing that there could never be enough difference in loudness from resistive losses in various cables and wires to warrant changing the volume knob's position, and that is true. However, listening to a wide range of music and allowing my subconscious to participate revealed what was going on.

I would be interested in the outcome of Morgoth's and anyone's listening tests. I hope my suggestions help.

Best regards,
Roy Johnson
Green Mountain Audio
One other thing to consider...If you are not regularly exercising your system with the Isotek Full System Enhancer & Rejuvenation CD, you are leaving a lot on the table. I let this thing run on my system whenever possible (overnight, while I travel on business, etc.).

One of the better, if not the best, tweak I've ever bought (and bought in to). Use this CD, play with setup / placement, and evaluate your pre-amp, and you may be able to fix your issues for significanlty less than a speaker replacement (In reference to your other thread).
Morgoth , No one can say which cable is right for you.
Even if the cable works well with your amp and speakers it still may not be to your liking.Any cable suggested here is just another shot in the dark.The cable may work well in the posters system but that doesn't mean you will enjoy it.
Many cable Mfg.have a 30-60 day trial that you may want to look into.Or if you want to go with popular brands you might do well by contacting the Cable Company and use their lending library.Keep listening until you find the one that sounds right to you.
Thank all for some great advice .