Speaker Cables For Big Horns & Tubes

I am looking for some new speaker cables to try I have big horn speakers and a very low powered SET amp (2wpc)...
Recommendations please???
Sure. Use 12 gauge OFC cables. The cost should be about 50 cents a foot...

My system is a SET powered amp (Art Audio PX-25) going to highly modified Klipsch horns ( thanks to Morray James suggestions). After trying many different cables I am using a full compliment of Synergistic Research cables. The improved openness and reduced background noise is wonderfull.

David Pritchard
@ Jsman, Now were talking!, Horns and tubes!, Great sound!, use The Taralabs omega gold speaker cable and you will have the finishing touches to a spectacular sound!, Happy Hunting.
I have a 1.75 wpc Grommes SET and Klipsch Quartet speakers. Currently using 14 gauge zip cord.

Sounds pretty good.
Nice system!
I use Ocellia Silver Reference and it sounds superbly natural in my system.

When I had my Lowther horns I wired everything with DNM Precision speaker cables. The cable is designed to work with speakers that are greater than 90db. Excellent sounding solid core copper cables that won't break the bank.
Auditorium 23.
I'm not sure I think cables would be speaker dependant, but I have gone through a few different ones recently. I replaced Kimber 8TC with Tellerium Q Black and felt like I had improved everything. I noticed getting better lyrics from songs. I needed to go from ten feet to more than twenty and the price was considerable! I discovered River Cables, and bought their best, seven gage, flat and wide. I have been delighted with the performance, better than either of the previous ones, and cheaper. They seem so neutral, and locking bananas are a bonus. At least give their site a look, but if you want theTellerium Black,write back:)
Cardas used to make a very efficient speaker cable designed for low powered amplifiers. I do not see it listed in their product line at this time, but maybe you can call Cardas for more information.
Jsman, I have 300B & 45 amps, (Wavelength) Beauhorn Virtuoso speakers (Lowther DX4) and use Tempo Electric SCs, (Joseph Levy) single solid silver. I hope to be moving and will then be using my Horns.
20 gauge solid silver wire to my compression drivers with 8 Watt SET.
Thanks for all the info and advice guys....