speaker cables for B&W N802's

any suggestions for cables for my N802's? front end consists of theta casa III and compli. presently running Transparent wall cable, no networks. listen to wide variety of music including rock, r&b, bluegrass, etc. basically, I'm curious to find out what others are using and their results.
Hi Danderson,

I use Cardas Neutral Reference bi-wired speaker cables and the Kimber Bi-Focal XL speaker cables with much success. The Cardas cables are ``musical`` when used with my Cardas Golden Reference ic`s, pc`s. The Kimber`s are more of a ``dynamic`` sounding cable that may or may not appeal to the sound you want to hear but excellent cables when used with the other Kimber line.

happy listening
I use Sonoran Plateau's http://www.audiopoints.com, two sets for bi-wiring. They're copper, but sound so good that I'm using them instead of the Kimber silver cables that came with my B&W Silver Signatures. The shielding is steel micro-beads and they can lay on the floor, on top of each other or where-ever and nothing affects them.
Whats up Danderson? How are the N804's working out for you? I'm using Blue Circle BC92(biwired) on my N803's and they have worked out great. I compared them with Cardas Neutral Reference but went with Blue Circle. They make great cables and interconnects for the money. I would stay away from silver because it made my N803's way too bright.
thank you gentlemen for your responses, very much appreciated. Audimiata, the 804's are working out well!
from what i understand using bi-wire cables are as advantagous as you may think. since there are two pairs of cables instead of one you have twice the resistance. this means it requires more current. i currently use siltech LS-120's with the siltech jumpers on my n802's. you might want to give this setup a try.
Try Transparent Supers. Expensive, but sweet sounding.