Speaker Cables for B&W CDM 7SE

I have been starting to build a decent stereo, off and on purchasing due to budget contraints. I am ready to move on to the speaker cables and I have no idea about speaker cable differences and cost vs. sound improvement for my system. I have a pair of B&W CDM7SEs connected to a Acurus DIA 150. I prefer a full sound with bass. Any help would be appreciated.
If you're not getting a full sound with bass, I would look into upgrading your speakers rather than try to produce bass in a limited range speaker
by trying to find cables that will produce bass in a speaker that doesn't
produce that much bass. Next, once you find a full range speaker, you'll need the correct amplifier to produce the best bass response. Cables cannot produce amplification and they cannot produce bass in a limited
range speaker. Enjoy your system like it is and save your money for your
next speaker and amplifier upgrade.
Hello Discgolfer, welcome to A'gon. I havent tried disc golf yet but it looks like a ton of fun. I bet there arent 700 old farts in plaid milling about on the course either.

Well, in case you stumble over a pile of pirate loot on your way to work, you can plan on about 5 times the cost of the 7se's for entry into full range speakerville and about the same for "your next amplifier upgrade."

This may be more applicable advice. As your system moves up in resolution and capability the more important cabling becomes. I can attest to this as I went through major cabling changes recently.

You can buy an inexpensive cable that performs well now but could show its weakness later if you upgrade. If you dont plan on upgrading, a decent but inexpensive cable is your best choice.


You could go ahead and get decent cables now and keep them through your next few upgrades. I think this is most logical if you plan on upgrading.

Having said that. B & W recommends Bi-wiring. At the very least, replace the inexpensive factory jumper plates with some quality jumpers. I wouldnt recommend any silver for your speaker wires, as silver has the ability to over emphasize the upper octaves. My advice would be look for nuetral speaker cables. Alot of times what is perceived as "bass enhancement" is actually "treble reduction" or vice-versa. Similar to what Rsbeck said. Cables cannot enhance or amplify anything, they can only limit.

So long story short, yes they will help your system performance, but ultra-high-dollar ones can only be fully realized with ultra-high-dollar systems. Know your future target for your system and buy accordingly.

Ultimately I dont have a vast pool of knowledge on which brands sound like what, but, I have been pleased with my Analysis plus (moderate price/good performance) products. I was also pretty happy with Signalcables (inexpensive/acceptable performance) speaker cables, especially considering the price. Maybe some of the other A'goners will help out on this one.
I can get all the bass I need from my subwoofer. Although my apartment living does not allow for wall shaking bass. I have read before, on another discusion, that some cables can are lite on bass and some are not. I did not buy the speakers for the bass reproduction, it is just that my current living situation does not allow use of the subwoofer. I have some very cheap monster speaker cables and am looking to upgrade.
Personally, i don't have a problem with Monster speaker cables, although they are over-priced. You can get the same cables without the Monster
brand name on them for less. It is Monster interconnects that I don't care for. IMO, they are based on some questionable theories and are --
again -- over-priced. But, Monster is not alone and they are certainly
not the worst offender. Most brand name cables are incredibly over-priced for what they offer. At the level of your speaker and components,
I think Monster cable speaker wire is fine and an upgrade is not going
to give you any more bass in your CDM7's. That's my opinion.
I own the CDM9nt's and I am using the Purist Audio Musaues Bi-wired and I love the sound with my Classe gear. I bought from The Cable Company. They loaned me a couple different cables and the Musaeus was my favorite and the price was fair.