Speaker cables for Avalons

I recently got the Avalon Idea. Wondering if the community has any experiences with or recommendations for speaker cables to go with Avalon speakers.

The rest of the system is DAC: Ayre QB-9 and Integrated: Simaudio I7.

What do you expect from the cables neutrality? Warmth?, definition/analytics? it matters. Most people will say neutrality with transparency but mut secretly desire the cable to do sometrhing else. To your own self be true or at least honest.
If you have a budget in mind that would help as well. When you bought those speakers what cables were the sellers using, if you liked those why not get them? If to costly that company will often have an entry level model that will do the trick. I have heard them with those very fine copper foil strips with almost no dielectric, wonderful sounding buta very expensive set up and theSpeaker was the Eidelon.
Ideas are $8000 speakers. What is your cable budget?
I run Clear Day Double Shotgun's with my Avalon Ascendant's. I previously had Kubala-Sosna Expression's that were really good. The Clear Day's added the sparkle I was looking for.