speaker cables for audio physic virgos

I'm using Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 right now, but I'm afraid it is too expensive and will have to be returned to its rightful owner. I'm using an audio refinement complete integrated at the moment. Any one have any suggestions that I should try? Thanks.
I've been using 47 Labs OTA Sakura for my Virgo IIs. Its a cable kit which is quite minimalist in design. The cable is only .4mm thick :-) The kit retails at $600, but it covers all your cabling needs, including three sets of interconnects. I think it works really well, but I don't have so much to compare it to. If you read the thread on this cable though, you'll see how popular it is. People who used to use Valhalla have moved to this cable. That said, I used to have FIM Gold SC, which retailed at $4k for 8foot pair. In my opinion, this was better than OTA - it was amazing, but I had to sell it for financial reasons then. I may buy it again though.
When I had my virgo's, I liked Cardas Golden Ref, then settled on Transparent Ref w/XL. The Trans Reference is a little pricy, but step down to the Transparent Super or Ultra. Great imaging, great highs, quiet black background, super bass. Will be a good match with your Transparent power cord.
I have tried many brands over the last 5 years with Virgos. Starting with my first pair of Virgos and now with my Virgo III. I personally have found a speaker cable that has an incredible synergy with them recently, the Shunyata line of speaker cables. That combo is just amazing! Like I had posted elsewhere here, just a sidenote that I found interesting. A friend recently mentioned that I should call the Cable Co. just to hear their recommendation. I did and it turns out that they have the Virgos there as well and from their experience of auditioning many from their huge inventory, that the Shunyata line came out on top as well.....go figure.
I love the Syngertsic Resolution Reference X Series with my AP Virgos II. Given the nature of the cable, I would think they will sound great with the Virgos III as well. Good luck.