Speaker Cables for Athena AS-B1

My Son just got back into setting up a system.  He got a Yamaha AS301 Integrated and a Pioneer turntable. His speakers which I gave him years ago are the Athena AS-B1 bookshelf.  The Yamaha is rated at 60w per channel and the Athenas are 8 ohm and 90db sensitivity and frequency response of 60Hz - 20kHz and a power handling of 125w.  A friend gave him some 16g in-wall wire to use.  I'm thinking he should at least get a 12g cable to get the most from his amp/speaker.  He does not want to spend a lot IF I can convince him,  Ideas?
Signal Cables,Anti Cables or Blue Jean Cables...
Check out Cullen Cables, they are excellent.



14 guage zipcord from Home Depot will work just as well as any of the above! 
he's going to try out the Blue Jeans Cable 12 AWG 5000UE,  will be interesting to see what he says.
thanks all for the suggestions....