Speaker cables for Aerial 10T's and BAT VK1000's

I have a pair of Aerial 10T''s that are powered by BAT VK-1000 monoblocks for the low end and BAT VK-60 monoblocks for the top end. Sometimes the VK-60's just aren't enough for the music I might be listening to, so I use the VK-1000 alone. Here's the problem. When I use all four mono's I need four independent runs of cable. When I use just the 1000's I only need two runs of cables. It would be redundant to get a good set of four single runs for when I use all four amps and a set of bi-wire's when I use just the VK-1000's. I would just rather use the bi-wire metal connectors on the speakers or since the VK-1000's have two set of binding posts, I can use all four cables in that fashion. So, what is a really good set of single run cables for this particular set-up.
Try the Empirical cables. Clarity 7. Outstanding. Steve is very approachable now that he has moved and a great guy to work with. Tell him "ivanj" sent you. He may actually be able to tune the cables for your speakers....
Installing the Audience AU24 speaker cables in my Aerial 10T and McCormack DNA-2 Rev A amp combo, was easily the best cable upgrade I've encountered.

Some to many, including Stereophile's reviewer last August, claim the Au24 speaker cables to be preferable over the Valhalla speaker cables. I don't know if that is true.

Audience talks about lack of time-smear, low-eddy currents, etc. and I believe Audience actually discourages bi-wiring. I can say that I went from a bi-wired config to the Audience AU24 mono-wire config and have had no desire to go back to bi-wiring.

But it is amazing what bass frequencies sound like without the very common time-smear affect. Similar results were found in the mid and high frequencies as well. It cleaned up the bass so much so, that my subwoofer now sounded disjointed from the Aerials. Audience recommended I try their inexpensive Conductor ic for the sub. Which I did. Those results were also impressive and brought continuity between the sub and Aerials back.

I'm using the AU24's as mono-wires with their 6-inch jumpers and realized even better sonics when I also re-installed the Aerial bi-wire jumper straps into the mix along with Audience's 6-inch jumper cables.

In my experience, the AU24 speaker cables can be a bit amplifier dependent though so you'd want to ensure a 30 or 60 day audition period.

I forgot to mention that one channel of Au24 speaker cable is no thicker than your keyboard cable on your computer.

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