Speaker cables being pricier than main speakers

I was just wondering if there is anybody out there with their speaker cables being more expensive than the speakers itself. Although it may seem unwise or unjustified to have the cables pricier than the speakers as one could always upgrade to a more substantial or better pair of speakers, I always had this crazy idea of having the Nordost Valhallas permanently with my speakers, but then I could get a whole lot more upgrading the speakers rather than the cable.

My speaker cables cost about 1/4 the price of my speakers.

Just curious.
The primary purpose of this thread is to know if there's anybody who had their speaker cables more expensive than the speakers itself, having no specific liking or preference for the brand of wires and nothing else. Obviously none from what I see so far.

There seem to be little confusion for I'm not particularly seeking advice over here as some people might have suggested. THe suggestion of Valhallas is merely an example that they would be more expensive than the speakers in my case. That can be said with other type of wires and not only Nordost.

Audphile1, there is no particular reason I'm not using Nordost I/c. I am not a die-hard advocate of Nordost.
My Wilson Sophia 2's have a used 600 set of Au 24's connected. At this 600 price it would take 25 pairs to equal the speakers' price. (Speakers were bought new.)
"revealing/unforgiving cables"...quite a statement since whatever differences anyone seems to find in cables is still masked if done in a blind test. Just a frame of reference, please continue to enjoy our hobby.

The thought that anyone allows their financial commitment in cables to limit their choice of speaker is obsurd though. Pick you speaker with zip cord, then change cabling as you like.

I would look at a cable like any other component and would not compare to a speaker based on a price. If your system can benenfit from a cable and it happens to be expensive but you can afford it then you buy it.

When I moved up to Audioquest silver speaker cables the improvement was so profound that I never thought negatively about it because they were more expensive than my speakers. No different than if I purchased an expensive cd player that made a big improvement.
Ryder, you can contact cable company or go to their website www.fatwyre.com and get their phone number. Give them a call. They have a lending library, a huge selection of cables. You can actually borrow any speaker cable that costs more than your speakers, including the Valhalla, and give these cables a try in your own system. This way you don't have to rely on someone elses opinion. You'll see it first hand if it's worth it and what kind of improvement you gained with these cables. The only downside is that the borrow comes in at 5% of the cost of the cable and they keep the money until you buy something from them, which is when they will credit this summ towards your purchase. Hey, if you want to spend money on speaker cables that cost more than your speakers, go ahead. Whatever floats your boat. I personally would have the money go towards a good source component. Ooops...suggestion again....sorry budd....