Speaker cables and power cord for Devialet 170

Wondering what others experiences has been. I am using Nordost's Tyr 2 speaker cables and Shunyata's Tron Python for PC. The Shunyata PC sounded better to me than the Valhalla and Cardas PC. But with speaker cables I preferred The Nordost Tyr2 to Transparent Reference and Cardas Clear M.
Try a Purist Audio powercable. They are superior in a more intimate and realistic proportion of instruments and voices. At shows I always know when Shunyata is used. Normally you get instruments and voices which are too big in proportion

I don't take those people serious and I will correct them.

You need to understand the different properties of the cables you are using.
I have not heard the Purist cables yet, but I have read many praises for them. Is there more than 1 level of power cables and if so which have you heard? Thanks Marc
I love the Purist Audio Limited Edition. This one is far superior compared to the topmodel of Shunyata and also the Valhalla.

I sold Nordost for over 9 years of time. I owed the Valhalla as well and the powercable also.



Purist Audio is a lot more precise than Shunyata and Nordost. Instruments and voices are in real very small and direct. I call this intimate sound. But also the black level is from a different a higher level. It gives you a much more physical image.
Are your speaker cables the same as power cable? Also, I cannot find a price list for Purist cables, can you point me to one? Thanks for your input.
I use the Audioquest Redwood last version as a loudspeaker.
Did you compare it to the Purist speaker cables? Whose else cables did you compare them to if you would? I recently read some of your threads and your experience is notable. Your amp and speakers would be of interest to me, if you don't mind.
I prefer Audioquest loudspeakercable because they use silver. Silver gives your more information compared to copper. DBS 72v gives you a stunning black level but also a better timing.

In 16 years of time I auditioned many powercables. And I owned many as well. But Purist Audio is in it's own league.

I Always try to look for the best. To be honest my focus is on the best endresults.

I use the Monitor Audio PL-200 with the PLW-15 subwoofer.

The way I use it, it gives a stunning huge 3 dimensional stage. But I created an intimate physical stage with the huge stage. Monitor Audio can make very good crossovers. So you get a wide and deep stage. Their ribbontweeter give a more open and more touchable image than a dometweeter can give. It also has more authority over the highest freq. It even goes beyond 100.000 hz. There is also more decay compared to a dometweeter. The other main advantage is that a ribbontweeter can project a voice or instrument a lot sharper in front of you, it becomes more physical. It even makes the stage larger.

I use Pass Labs poweramps because class A gives you more flavors in the mid freq than ever a class D amp can give you. For classical music this becomes more apparent. The Devialet also gives a deep and wide stage. But Pass Labs give e better speed en dynamics. But also a more musical mid freq. For a perfectionist this is a pre.

I have developed my own way of using Audyssey Pro. I can get a much better controled sound than with any other pre amp regarding price. I even have proven that in articulation and details I can beat every pre amp till 15000 dollar with ease. I even created stealth low freq with a subwoofer. This means that the energy is comming from the place were it is recorded. Even when the subwoofer stands 3 metres from that place. One of my clinets called it voodoo. Because he said; this is not possible, but I hear it.

I can play as loud as I want even with my subwoofer starting from 16 hz. Without professional roomcorrection you will loose all controle, sharp image and even definition and layers of the low freq.