speaker cables and IC's

Here is my system. DK Design integrated, Rega Apollo CDP, Small Neat Motive 2 Floor standers. I am looking for a good fit for both Speaker (bi-wired) and IC's. Any suggestions?

Gregg Straley Reality, cables would be a good start. Both i/c and sp.cable will be very reasonably priced and to get better,it would be much more $$$$
these things are so system dependant you should try some out that you bought used here on Agon and sell them if you would like to try some others, keep trying until you are happy....

At least give a price range...
I agree with Philo, and... often a well chosen used cable will bring 90% (or better) of its original price. How sweet is that! Try out cables at 10% (or less) of their used price.

Long Live A'gon!
Agree with Thorman about checking out realitycables.com, with the money back trial method, for excellent performance without sticker shock. I found the recommended OFC RCA connector option to be a significant upgrade to the terrific IC.
Sold also through Audiogon dealer,Clearsound, who sells your DK Design integrated amp. You could get some help from that dealer by phone, if you prefer.
Using this brand's speaker wire and IC together is synergistic, although in another system I did retain other companies wiring products where too many sources to replace every IC.
Try the Cable Company's lending library where you can borrow cables to try in your system. www.fatwyre.com is the website.