Speaker Cables and Connectors

What are your recommendations for speaker cables and connectors for Focal Kanta No.3 speakers?
My recommendation is to forget everything irrelevant like your other components and focus on the one thing that matters, how they sound. Really. I cannot think of anything less relevant than... all the other stuff people will mention. Anything other than how it sounds, forget about it. That's my recommendation.
I would follow Focal advice: a cable 4mm or larger depending on length and some good banana plugs from parts express, or kabeldirekt for example.
What is your budget? Are you a DIY sort?
$350 USD. I can do things, but I would prefer not to.
I find it somewhat amusing when folks suggest that I should get the cables that sound the best to me... I appreciate their assistance and I certainly understand the logic. However, how am I supposed to purchase the cables that sound best to me? I know of no retailer who will let me borrow a set of cables, test them on my system, return them and then try other cables. It is not a realistic option, in my opinion. Thank you for the suggestion, and I do appreciate it, but in today's retail environment, those like options are not feasible.