Speaker Cables?

I have a long run need about 30 Feet for the front left right & center what speaker cable do you recommend?
Currently using Monster 10 gauge Flatwire


Lexicon MC1
Atlantic Technology 450 Speakers
Cinepro 3K6 amp
Rotel 993 Amp
First of all, you need to give some indication of how much you are going to spend...but there is some " Lab Cable" at www.psaudio.com 6 gauge, ,looks like its worth checking out, but will cost over a grand. Which i am sure is too much. also Kimber Kable 8tc is good stuff. but i dunno how much u wanna spend
I use Carol silver plated copper wire. Bueno. Best bang for the buck. Get 12 ga. If you want feedback read its reviews in audioreview.com

As for my system, my speakers are pretty revealling (JMlabs). The silver plated copper wire made an amazing difference. Same benefits as stated in the Mappleshade catalog about its silver plated copper solid core.
Try doing a search in the forum archives. This subject has been covered previously on more than a few occasions. I would only add that you really DO need to pay attention to cable spec's when doing LOOOONG runs such as yours. Too much capacitance and the amp oscillates. Too much inductance and you have NO upper mids and treble. Any long run of wires can also act as an antenna, so you must also take this into consideration. Look for an "anti RFI" design. Sean
MIT is great for long runs. Please refer to my comments in archived thread:
There are others as well; please use the forum search engine.
Check out the Analysis Plus theatre cable if you want to have great performance while saving big bucks.
I would like to spend less then a $1000.00
Just to throw in my 2 cents this morning, about a month ago we upgraded to Silver Sonic Q-10 BiWire cable in 10 foot runs, cost us $310 shipped to the front door from Value Audio, and I couldn't be happier with the sound. We previously used Audioquest Crystal biwire, which are now collecting dust. (Sigh.) You might be able to get away with the cheaper T-14, too, Silver Sonic is great stuff.

I agree with using MIT for long runs, or possibly Transparent--anything with a network box to optimize the cable for its length. I am curious about that Analysis Plul Oval 9 stuff. There's a neat write-up on Audioadvisor.com about them.
The best cable I have found for long runs is the Cardas Neutral Reference, unfortunately, not cheap. There is apparently little loss of signal unlike the monetary expenditure. But if you can swing the change, I would try a set. Jeff
By the way if it matters it is strictly for Home Theater use
For home theater you can sometimes find great deals on MIT T2, T3 or T4 from Audio Advisor, or try membername Joeabrams for some good deals on MIT. Transparent is pretty much esoteric cable & the prices aren't excatly home theater friendly though.
HT only? Nordost's cheapest Flatline will be better than what you're using by a long shot, AND allow you to bury it under the rug. You really shouldn't spend any more on cables unless you upgrade the source or speakers first, IMHO.
If you want a commercial design. Kimber 4TC is pretty good for the price. If you have the desire to build your own you can save some money using JR's Belden 89259 design.


A thousand bucks is a bunch of music.
without doubt i would stick with a silver cable. many of you know i love audio magic. i think it's the best silver cable out there and for long runs it can't be beat (imo).

i can give you more info if you'd like.