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Have a modest system of a NAD 3020,Paradigm Compact Monitors that are biwire,and a pioneer D6 SACD.it is a budget system but was wondering what speaker cables would be a good fit for this modest system?Morrows SP1,Blue Jean Cables,Anti Cables or any other reasonable price cable you may suggest?thank you.
Morrow. 30 day return policy if you dont like them.
JW Audio Cryo Nova- good, affordable, and 30 day trial.
Good dvice provided above, Pick one try it and see if you like it, I have tried all the cables you mentioned but for me they did not make much of a impact on my system.
Going with unterminated wires may save you even more. There are lots of manufacturers would sell them at much lower price point than you would purchase terminated ones.
Canare 4S11.
The Canare 4S11 that Mofimadness is great stuff, high quality, inexpensive and already set up for bi-wiring because of its four-conductor geometry. For your system, the even smaller, less expensive 4S8 should work well. Both are available in bulk from places like markertek.com. Try it with bare wires or terminate with your choice of connectors.
Tried a pair of Blue Jean Cables and thought they had a accurate high end, very good bas response and a neutral midrange. Looking at your components, I think they would be a good match. Plus construction is excellent I thought.
I second Jl35's response - Mapleshade Double Helix Speaker Cables with PLUS Upgrade are EXCELLENT cables for the money. Give them adequate time to break in - it will happen in phases between 1-100 hours.

I've always been impressed with Kimber's sound and value, and they are widely available used.
I second JW Cryo Nova. Do know, however, that they are twisted pair of single core wire, like coat hangers. Performance is astounding for the price, though.
I second the Mapleshade, and do go for the Double Helix as the difference is distinctly clear compared to the standard Helix. Also, they have a 30 day return policy.

Good luck in your search.

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Generic twisted copper of a good gauge (12-16) will be all you ever need. No fancy wire needed, but then again, it is your money!
Another vote for Canare 4S11
Yes-canare 4s11 thru bluejeans with the locking bananas-worth the extra couple of bucks. I just got mine 2 weeks ago with good results.
BTW-bluejeans interconnects are a great deal too.
Thank you for all the input.just looking for cable that works well in my system and know you people have a good idea.
Belkin cable from Partsconnextion.It's ohno crystal copper exactly what the big bucks cables are made of.Cheap and an excellent neutral cable.
11-18-12: Jtcf
Belkin cable from Partsconnextion.It's ohno crystal copper exactly what the big
bucks cables are made of.Cheap and an excellent neutral cable.

Search Partsconnexion today for "Belkin" and you get
no returns.

In late 2008 I picked up two pairs of 15' Belkin PureAV Silver series speaker
cables made with PCOCC copper. They listed at $150/pair and Partsexpress was
blowing them out at $20/pair. I think that was a closeout of the cable made with

I liked the cable enough that I ordered some Belkin PureAV Silver series
interconnects from PureAV-AV50300-08-8-Foot-Audio/dp/B000653J16/ref=sr_1_1?
. As you can see, the product
copy still states that the copper is PCOCC, but when I received it, the packaging
only said it was OFC. I called Belkin and they confirmed that it was just OFC now.
A search at the q=::categoryPath:/Web/WSCBLS/WSCBLSAV/WSCBLSAVACA&show=All>Belkin
indicates that they don't make any RCA interconnects or speaker
cable in the PureAV line anymore.

It looks like you can find some new old stock Belkin PureAV silver series on
pt=US_Audio_Cables_Adapters&hash=item4cf8e3bc10]eBay[/url]. That's an
excellent speaker cable at their price of $59.95. They come with screw-on
bananas. They are compatible with the ones that used to come with the PS Audio

However, those OCC speaker cables were really good--smooth and musical, and
friends of mine who bought the OCC interconnects were very pleased.
DNM nice sounding cable plus a great value
I quadruple the Mapleshade rex above. Best darn speaker cables for the money and I have owned and listened to many. Use em on both of my systems.
Anyone tried there own DIY cables?