Speaker Cables

I´m thinking of buying new speaker cables.

On my short list are:

Stereolab Diabolo, Audience AU 24 e, Nordost Heimdall MK 2.

Power amps in use are Ayre V-5xe and Aesthetix Atlas. Speakers are Ayon Gyrfalcon. Frontend is Ayon CD-5s.

Any recommendations or experience about sonic differences ?

Thx. for any useful help.
You need to demo these cables first. I have a pair of V5's myself and don't have to tell you about how much resolution they have. A small mistake with Ayre is not like with most other brands; you will definitely hear it. The upside is that if you stick with neutral components, you will be ok. Here's what I've been doing for well over 10 years. I use the Cable Co in PA (800-fat-wyre) or fatwyre.com. They have a lending library and will send you anything you want to hear; as far as I know, they are a dealer for every reliant cable mfg out there. The deal is they charge your credit card for 5% of the retail purchase price of whatever they lend you. They apply the 5% to anything you buy from them, even if it is something completely different than what they lend you. I know, at first, this sounds like a pain but if you do it 1 time, you will be sold. I simply can't recommend these people high enough; its the most reputable audio store I have every dealt with. Just in case you are wondering, I don't work for them.
Standby for everybody's favorite cable, none of which have been used with your exact combination of components.

Alas, they will all claim it's the best choice for you.

Pass the popcorn.

Same endless question, same predictable answers.