speaker cables

hello all. i am lookin to upgrade my current spkr cable sitiation, i am employing kimber kable bi-focal x presently. i am running a b.a.t. ss amp with a b.a.t. tube pre. my speakers are KEF 205 reference. i like the kimbers, but, am looking for more. i auditioned jps labs superconducters, but was not satisfied enough to make a change. i've heard glowing reviews of purist audio, and synergistic research. help! any feedback would be greatly appreciated. i'm lookin to make a change soon, so, any immediate feedback would be great. thanks, GMAN
What sound characteristic are you wanting to change? What do you want "more" of other than placebo cost? Speaking of cost, a budget range would be helpful as well.
thanks for the quick response. i guess im looking for more detail, better mids, etc. i guess im tryin to squeeze as much as i can out of the kefs
Check out clear day.

I have a pair of Clear Day Double Shotgun cables for sale here.

Please, chek out this link:

Gman, try calling the Cable Company and audition both S/R and Purist in your system. You might also want to try a pair of the Kimber Bi-Focal XL cables, which might just give you exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy
If your going to call the cable co, then as I've posted elsewhere try the S/R speaker cells on what you already have.

Agree Check out Clear Day Cables!
same here Clear Day Cables
I too will say, call or email Paul at Clear Day Cables. He has been known to let you try a pair before you buy which is nice if you need something longer than the standard 8' pair of cables. I was looking for cables to bring out the same things you are looking for in your system GMAN, and the Clear Day Cables gave me exactly what I was looking for.