Speaker Cables

Diamond in the ruff?
Over the many years, gradually upgrading my system, the area of IC's and speaker cables have been the most challenging. I felt my current "garden hose" thick speaker cables, lay an opportunity. Being on a tight budget, I tried Morrow Audio SP3 speaker cables as some have suggested. Morrow Audio has a 60 full return policy. People, even though these are inexpensive cables, they absolutely blew me away in every respect over my esoteric cables.

Has anyone else tried these cables? What was your experience? I think these cables, in this price arena, are without peer.
I'm using the older Morrow speaker cables (don't remember the model #) and prefer them over any other speaker cables I've tried. And I've tried a lot. I also highly recommend their ICs.
Dear Dopogue, I appreciate your affirmation. As I continue to burn in the cables, they just get better and better. The soundstage has absolutely exploded,the top frequencies are super extended and sweet. The cables goes very deep and remains articulate, and the midrage is just so "right" sounding. I am hearing more music than I realised I had (where did that come from?). I think I really found something here that maybe others may try. I think I will check into their IC's as well, after having a bad experience with PNF. I did not like their balanced ICON interconnect and they refused a refund, even though it was a standard length. Buyer beware with PNF!
Yes, I have ended up with Morrow SP2 cables for my front L/R and center speakers. As rpg says, the mids and highs are just great. The thing about it is, my highs are clearer than with my previous Tara RSC Prime, but without any increase in HF harshness that I can detect.
Yes, continued affirmation, Giant Killers these simple no-nonsence cables prove to be. I think, sometimes, simplicity and sound logic can provide perhaps the best solution as demonstrated here.

Has anyone tried Michaels IC's? If so, what was your experience?
BTW, I got my SP2 wires terminated with bare wire, as recommended by Morrow.
I am curious if anyone in the DIY camp has experimented using stranded copper for the hot(red)lead and solid core silver for the return(black)when venturing into speaker cable designs?
If it is not a good idea I would appreciate the reasons why, and I would like to know if it would harm my amplifier.
Thanks in advance,there are things I like about both metals, and would like the best of both worlds.
Rpg, I'm using Morrow ICs -- single ended and balanced -- throughout my system. Phono cables too (his regular ICs, because they're unshielded, hum too much to be used as phono cables). I won't say I'll never replace them, but I'm VERY happy with them. Dave
Lacee, while there is no harm in using different material in the separate legs of the speaker cables, there is no real 'rationale' for doing so, since the current is alternating and not concontinuously 'flowing' in one direction as the terms 'lead' and 'return' imply. The current goes 'back and forth', so it doesn't make any difference what material is used in the separate legs. Which also explains why there is no 'direction' of the signal.
Bob P.
Thanks for the encouragement.
I just bought a pair of Red Dragon amps for my Tannoys and didn't want to do any harm to the amps.
There is an improvement, more fullness to the sound now than when I ran just thin solid silver.
Doubling up on the silver and using it for the neg run and some cheap copper wire really helped things.
I think I would like to try some nice solid core copper for the pos run.
Any suggestions?

Does anyone have experience with the SP2 and SP3 (recent version) and can describe the differences between the audio experience?

I know this is subjective. That's what I'm interested in.

:) listening,