Speaker Cables

I have used MIT Terminstor 2 biwire and Monster Z series biwire for my Apogee Stages, but they seem to be lacking something. I am using a Carver 500 T amp. What do you suggest, Thank you.
I suggest speaker cables with MUCH LESS capacitance! Anywhere from the cheapest (Paul Spletz anti-cables) to the very pricey (Purist Audio Provectus) or something in between (Virtual Dynamics.)
I have gone from some very pricey cables (Kimber, Nordost, Cardas) to Paul Speltz anticables and am truly amazed at how good they sound. Before moving to anything more expensive, I urge you to try the anticables, especially since they have a 30 day trial period. It just may end your search for a cable that delivers that missing something.
Cyclonicman you took the words right out of my mantra. Actually I have gone one better than the Speltz ware (home made and just as cheap), but it may not work as well over longer lengths.
anti-cables are no brainers..
Good, all you guys that like the Anti Cables can buy mine, just send Email. Will give good deal. For me, they were an Anti Climax.
There was a specific speaker cable made for the Apogee line...it was OCOS. I had it on my Stages and it was wonderful. I don't think it's made any longer, but it does show up on AudioGon every so often.

You could also try Mapleshade. That's what I'm running on my Martin Logan CLSIIA'a and really like it.
Sorry, I should have researched first. The SYMO cable was the cable of choice for the Apogees, not the OCOS.
I currently have anti-cables myself and agree that they are pretty good. Unfortunately, I would respectfully say that the Carver amp is your main issue. It is a reasonably dull/boring sounding amp that was made to emulate the sound of a tube amp and IMO did not succeed. I owned one for many years and used it primarily to drive my passive subs. You can try some inexpensive speaker cables as mentioned, but if you want to experience a significant difference, I suggest something like an Odyssey (w/extreme upgrade) amp or a McCormack DNA-1 as a starting point to drive your Apogees.
Thank you very much. I guess its time to invest in a amp and try to find some Symo cables. In fact I heard about them before. Looking for a answer you can find it here, Thank you.
Bigotb, no no no...... Symo was the choice twenty years ago. It was Jason Bloom's best shot back then, but the world has turned since.
I fully agree with Jig on the Carver amp. Get a higher end amp like a Levinson or krell for s/s or a tube amp
I use a pair of Coincident TRS Extreme and they are one of the best. Just pure music no coloration or harshness. A pair of 2 meter used can be had for 800.00 on agon
The Stage's have a rated nominal impedance of 3 ohms, and their impedance is in fact close to 3 ohms across most of the audio spectrum:


That makes amplifier selection highly critical, and I agree that the Carver is probably not a good choice. I suspect based on what I remember reading at the time that its emulation of a tube amp (a CJ, I believe) was accomplished in part by raising its output impedance, possibly even by putting a resistor in series with the outputs. That would be the last thing you would want with these speakers.

I would suggest a thorough search here and elsewhere on the net to try to find out what amps others have used successfully with these speakers. High current capability would figure to be one criterion for success.

-- Al
YEP- That's what's lacking: A good amp!