Speaker Cables - 15 Ft. or "No Wife"

Due to the W.I.F.E. factor, I have to run my Manley 300Bs with 15ft speaker cable to my Coincident Super Eclipse speakers (the things we do to stay together). So, I am looking for a good speaker cable that: A) Will sound great at this 15ft length and B) Will not cost me more than $1000. I have to biwire, so please keep this in mind when making recommendations. And a D.I.V.O.R.C.E. is not an option... yet!
Get in touch with Robert Stein.
No, he is not a divorce lawyer, but head of the "Cable Company". He is very knowledgable. You can borrow several sets of cables and try them out in your setup. You'll have to pay shipping , that's all, if you don't like any of them.
The URL is www.fatwyre.com, e-mail: fatwyre@fatwyre.com.
Good listening AND happy marriage!
I use Audioquest for long runs. I've found solid core technology helps whenever I have to go with a smaller gage wire. I use a 10 ft run of Bedrock in the home theater. Very nice. Also, whatever wire you get, keep it out of site. She'll love you even more. :)
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Jcidulka- Since you're running Coincident Speakers, checkout their speaker cable. Their new reference is amazingly good, but a bit out of the stated price range. Their lower priced speaker cable would match very well and fits the price. Goodluck.
Plase check out Alpha - Core Goertz MI2 The web address is WWW. AlphaCore.com you can also call the owner on the phone and he will suggest a cable for your needs. Expect the price to be about half of your budget $500.00 and you will be amazed at the performance and the stability. If you do not like the cable you have 30 DAYS to RETURN the cables. Thats correct 30 DAYS, if you do not like them you can return them...It is worth a try even to compare
Jcidulka, I second the recommendation for the Coincident speaker cables. I replaced my long cherished Cardas cables with the Coincident CST and it was a match made in heaven for a tube amp to high efficiency speakers (just like you have). And best of all CST is VERY affordable. Look up at www.coincidentspeaker.com
JC - Here is an off beat idea. You know that many of the finest drivers use aluminum wire in their voice coils. There are quite a few feet of wire in one voice coil. For very little money you could try aluminum wire. Its stiff but what the heck. If it sounds good you could pass on the information. If it sounds bad you've wasted almost nothing and had an interesting experiment. I would recommend trying 12 gauge.
Try Apature 16s? bi-wires 15 ft. run about $500.00
I've had good luck with 20 foot runs of UltraLink Excelsior 2.4 Bi-Wire cable. Good looking, well made, and good sounding, for a non-insane price. I run it from a Sugden Au51P to a pair of B&W N804's in my living room system.

I dissent on the Coincident speaker cable. I've tried both CST and TRS, and neither turned my crank.

Question, why do you have to biwire? Israel Blume doesn't think it offers any benefits in his speakers, so I'd bet running single wire with good jumpers would do it all. I use a pair of Total Victories single wired in my main system, and I'm not missing anything.
check out the new soundstrings. the price is not that different for longer length.

good luck.

I'm using 30 foot runs of Audioparts' MAS Hybrid speaker cable. Sounds excellent...detail, air, tight bass, no hash. Should substantially come in under your $1000 budget for 15 foot bi-wire.
I agree with MP... Alpha-Core is the way to go. Alpha-Core speaker wire is thick, flat, and 99.99% pure copper or silver. Better yet it only costs a several hundred dollars. Nordost wire with 99.999999% pure copper is fanatical, ridictulously expensive and really doesn't add that much more to sound quality. For several hundred dollars you can have a happy marrage.
I've really liked the Analysis Plus for a 20 ft. run that I have. Inexpensive, too.