Speaker cables

Looking for recommendations for wilson watt puppy's speaker cables
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They are using a krell 300s and a krell 1200s 3d pre pro 
PURIST cables for best sound.
Series?  Components?  Interconnects?
Transparent works well with Wilson and Krell. (The transparent Super Speaker Cable) is where you should start.
I went from Cardas Clear light to Transparent. They both sound great.
I prefer the Transparent. However I have found in the past  that the Transparent can sound not so good with different Equipment . With the Wilsons you are most of the way there.
Good Luck
Never owned Wilson but I’ve heard several variations of the W/P. I’d definitely look for a cable that gets out of the way and avoid silver cables. I think WyWires would sound great on your Wilson as they don’t draw attention to themselves, but get out of the way and breath. Very organic cables.
take a look at argento organic copper speaker cables.
I hear the grass fed Balsamic Interconnects are tasty 😋 

A certain irony here, as "argentum" is Latin for silver.
Thanks I have some transparent cables coming 
PURIST is much better.Good luck though.