Speaker cables

I know this is a very loaded question, but opinions on best biwire speaker cable under $2000?
Preferably detailed but with solid bass
Mogami 2477 Blue Neglex coax will stand comparison with the multi-kilo buck cables!
Disregard my above post. I forgot that the OP wanted info on bi-wired cable. Please remove this post and the one above it!
Yes...it is a loaded question that is impossible to answer. There is no “best” for a vast plethora of reasons.

The four main ones include inter alia:

(1) The buzzilion choices out there all have their own bespoke strengths and warts. Without prejudice to the former, your cables choice is entirely system dependent (the alchemy comprised of electronics, speakers, ICs, power cables, and speaker cables all together) in the first part. This also includes the contemporareous issue of speaker cable configuration: shotgunned single cables and matched jumpers as preferred versus bi-wires ..... there is a tsunami of prior posts in all the audio forums that emphasize strongly the “system dependent” theme,

(2) A heavy primary focus on cable price (....high OR low...) is a bona fide recipe for a regrettable poor choice.

(3) There is no one-size fits all solution because your audio system components AND your cables all have their own respective sonic signatures. Without knowing the rest of your system, random forum opinions posted here are nothing but touting blind heavily biased personal faves, and such are no assurance that it will work in your system.

(4) Your listening arena has its own bespoke warts and weaknesses that are further large audio performance challenges. Address those as an integral equal main challenge first because simply throwing money solely into cables as as fix and ignoring this, is a virtual guarantee of a failed experiment.

There is no silver bullet solution ......it requires personal audition because this hobby has conflicting influences that renders it a journey and never a destination ......full stop.

The higher up you go in audio system component build and matched performance capabilities, the more acute the selection tailoring and experimention process becomes. In contrast, low-fi, mid-fi, amd entry level hi-fi systems speaker cables optimization choices are intuitively at the other end of that spectrum.

+1 aka_ca great and thorough explanation.

Over the years I have accumulated quite a few cables, some expensive and most under 1K, to keep in my arsenal.  Spending mucho time with cables is the only way to really get to know your system and how it has synergies or not.

I have also been enamoured with some cables and disappointed with others.  I have been disappointed with some high ticket cables for sure.  Just a synergy thing with my equipment I’m sure.  But I had to learn - the hard way.    

I also enjoy switching things in and out on occasion for different flavors.  It works for me.
There is no best, but I think a used pair of Acoustic Zen Satori shotgun biwire cables is a very good all-around cable that would be a great start.  Best of luck. 
Check out Silnote Audio which has been reviewed as a very adaptable speaker wire by several pro reviewers. In 1 specific review the writer  referred to them as "sonic chamelions" which play well with a variety of component types. The Silnote Audio site doesn't list bi-wires but it is my understanding they will do that configuration on request.   Simply email or phone them.