Speaker cables

I have totem forest speakers and i am looking to upgrade the speaker cables. I am presently using audio art SC-5 speaker cables. I am running a Hegel H100 amp and a Hegel HD-11 dac. I have tried Nordost Red Dawn and Clarus Aqua cables. I preferred the Clarus speaker cables but would like to know if anyone has a speaker cable brand that pairs well with Totem Forest Speakers.

I had both the TOTEM ARROs and the TOTEM FORESTS in a prior system.

I experimented with a lot of different speaker cables in that journey.


Preferred: TOTEM TRESS to the tweeters and ATLAS ASCENT 3.0 (now 3.5 latest model) to the woofers. The speakers themselves are wired internally with the TRESS. The TRESS are TOTEM's own knockoffs of the CHORD ODYSSEY

FORESTS opened up to their max when I bi-amped (not bi-wired) them

-- Next up alternative : ATLAS ASCENT bi-wires

-- next up alternative : CHORD ODDYSSEY bi-wires
I don't know what your price range it's but I'm about to list an 8 foot pair of Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator speaker cables with a Micheal Spallone modified MPC (the mod brings the stock mpc closer to the Galilleo status which costs $450 alone). The active shielding in these cables lowers the noise floor which brings out more inner detail. You will hear more air and transparency with a much wider soundstage when you start to shield cables. After hearing actively shielded cables I will never go back to conventional speaker cables.
The retail for the cables is $1, 800 and the MPC mod is $50. I'm asking $650 total. I can send pics.
Thanks for the response