Speaker Cable with Tyler Acoustic Linbrooks.

I'm looking for some new cable. I currently have Signal Cable double run single wire hooked up to my system.
I'm not looking to break the bank.

My system consist of:
Creek 5350se integrated
Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Monitors
Sony ES Cd
Synergistic Research Sterling (active) interconnects.

Has anybody heard the PS Audio Cables or Audioquest Bedrock speaker cable that is on sale at Audioadvisor?

Thanks for any help.
I use Analysis Plus Oval 9(used from A-gon) on bottom and to save money I bought a pair of Silver Oval jumpers from "Disco" at a great price new that I bridge to the top posts. Modified Forte Mono 7's and Granite Audio 657 with Mullard and Seimens CCA's. Virtual Dynamics Reference IC. Happy as a pig in the mud.
Mike in Little Rock
I too have Analysis Plus Oval 9 on the bass and mids of the linbrook signature. I think it is Oval 12 for the tweeter. Can't say it is the best combination in the universe but it certainly makes me happy.