Speaker cable with good mids and highs

After some success in high-passing my speakers, the bass is now entirely handled by the subwoofer. I am shortlisting some speaker cables with good mids and highs and not too bothered with bass.

Currently using Nordost SPM Reference but they were a bit short after some readjustments to my system. I need a longer length around 8'-10' with a budget of around $500. Read good things about Acoustic Zen Satoris. Will these fit the bill? Any other recommendations? I don't want to sacrifice too much detail of the Nordost in going into other wires.

On a separate note, since I'm high-passing my speakers, is there any downside in connecting a single run of speaker cables to my speakers that have 2 pairs of binding posts without any jumpers in between? I am trying to save cost by not getting biwired/shotgun wires. If there is no detrimental effect, do I connect the wires to the bottom or top speaker terminals for optimum sound? I'll use the stock jumpers if I still need to connect both pairs of terminals even in high-passing configuration.

Thanks in advance.
I've been very happy with my Alpha-Core Goertz cables, and they're known for having a smooth and extended mid-top. I am just about to close a deal on some 10 ft. bi-wires that I'm selling, but if that falls thru, you may want to check 'em out. They're a bit under your budget, unfortunately ($295) [smile]...


After almost a decade using Nordost flatline wires, I think I'll most likely settle with a solid core cable. Not only looking for a change in sound but also looks as well!

Thanks for the thought though.