Speaker cable with crazy BASS ??

Anyone heard any speaker cable in the 1k-2k price range (I'm already assuming decent mids and treble in this range), who, when hearing the low end, was really impressed...ie, have that "is-there-a-sub-in-the-room??" quality ?
I had for a time the Cerious Technologies cables.
(Liquid Ceramic)
They had fantastic bass! The treble was extremely lacking however.
I think they are no longer in buisness.
Liquid Ceramic...Sounds wild...!
At much less $$$, you might try Bob Crump's TG Audio HSR speaker cable - if you can find some for sale.
Harmonic Tech. pro-11
Haven't heard too many cables, but Analysis plus Oval 9 have had the best bass so far.
Swampland in Florida....
JPS Aluminata speaker cables.
Fim Gold for sure.In your price range used.
Another vote for the Analysis Plus cables.