speaker cable upgrade for Inner sound ESL amp?

Hi everyone! I could really use some advice. I just purchased the Inner Sound ESL stereo amp and I have M-L Aerius I speakers. I am currently using MIT T2 Bi-Wire(8ft) speaker cables, which sound fine. However, I now need longer
cables(12ft). I am thinking I ought to take this opertunity to upgrade the speaker cables in the process. I would like to spend around $500 on used cables. Any suggestions for a synergistic match? My pre-amp is a C-J PFR. I am using MIT 330's for interconnects, however, I also have a couple pairs of Kimber Silver Streaks I can use.

Thanks to all of you in advance,

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The speakerwire Inner Sound sells, work excellently well with the InnerSound amp you have and they are well within your price range. You can order direct, I think, through www.InnerSound.net. Cheers,