speaker cable upgrade for Inner sound ESL amp?

Hi everyone! I could really use some advice. I just purchased the Inner Sound ESL stereo amp and I have M-L Aerius I speakers. I am currently using MIT T2 Bi-Wire(8ft) speaker cables, which sound fine. However, I now need longer
cables(12ft). I am thinking I ought to take this opertunity to upgrade the speaker cables in the process. I would like to spend around $500 on used cables. Any suggestions for a synergistic match? My pre-amp is a C-J PFR. I am using MIT 330's for interconnects, however, I also have a couple pairs of Kimber Silver Streaks I can use.

Thanks to all of you in advance,
The speakerwire Inner Sound sells, work excellently well with the InnerSound amp you have and they are well within your price range. You can order direct, I think, through www.InnerSound.net. Cheers,
I second Detlof on this one, the Innersound cables are very good and cheap as well!
Have you used the Innersound ic's and speakers cables Rcprince and with what results? I'm currently using a biwire run of AP Oval 9's and wondering if the Innersound cables would better the AP's with my Magnepan 1.6's. Thanks.
Haven't heard them in my system, but have heard the speaker cables sounding REALLY good in an Innersound system at a friend's and have a strong recommendation for the speaker cables (not the interconnects, surprisingly) from another friend whose ears I trust with an all-Innersound system as well. Seems to be a synergy going on there; don't know how it would translate to Maggies. At some point both of these folks want me to try the cable in my own system, but I'm happy with what I've got (till I can afford Siltech's Emperor!).