Speaker cable upgrade

Any suggestions on the following..Thinking of upgrading cables, right now I have Audience E. cables which I think sound good,but have not compared them to other cables.looking to be in the 1.5k-2k range.for good condition used cables..speakers involved are Audio Physics Scorpios driven by BAT-vk 250..and BAT pre-amp..Any well informed input would be appreciated..Thanks
Hi Willie,

i would def recommend s/hand...cables rarely degrade with age (unless someone has really mistreated the cable). Cost is waaay lower too.

For that price range, i would recommend Transparent Reference (older, XL). For that money, i have personally not found anything i like better. the noise floor is incredibly low, and the background is SUPER black. Music emerges with detail...very natural, and exceptional bass. Both powerful, and exceptionally detailed. Mids are very smooth with good detail coming from low noise floor.

i cannot speak to matching with your BATs...you've got good stuff there, so worth spending the time to get it right for your ears. Enjoy and pls keep us posted.
BTW, i have 0 affiliation with Paragon Sound in Ann Arbor Michigan...i thnk they are great. They are the largest Transparent Ref dealer, and i know the guys at TA think very highly of them. Larry there is great, and can usually sell s/hand to you from his existing inventory...or find it for you quite quickly. Good prices. Good luck. just look up Transparent Audio here, and you'll see Paragon show up.
Shunyata's new Power Snake line of speaker cabes are shockingly good for the money. The Black Mamba SP model is only $1500/pr and the Python SP is $2500/pr.
Try some used PAD (I like the Corvus line myself, best bang for the buck IMO). there's always some for sale here on Agon and also on Audioasylum. Good luck.