Speaker cable upgrade

Is it make sense to you at all that I upgrade to an 8000 USD speaker cable for my system. I currently use 800 USD speaker cable and Audience 24 E interconnect
My sys as follow
Thiel CS3.7 14000 USD
BAT 32SE preamp 8500 USD
Power amp Rogue Audio Zeus 8000 USD
CD player BAT D5 SE 6500USD

Should I upgrade the speaker cable
Some of the usual suspects will howl and bark. If it makes sense to you, though, then it should not matter one bit to anyone else but you and your partner, as the case may be. Only caveat: make sure to audition first!!!
Enjoy the music.
Don't forget to try Kimber's Monocle XL and Wireworld's Eclipse Series in your auditions. Either one will present a very balanced(with regards to frequency), open and uncolored signal to your speakers. CRITICAL: Be certain they(or any others you try) have been burned-in for a couple hundred hours before deciding if you like them.
Doesn't make sense to me for many reasons but it's not my money your spending. Karefeld nailed it.
For that amount you can upgrade another component(s) in your system.

It would have a far more significant effect than $8500 speaker cables.

"If it makes sense to you, though, then it should not matter one bit to anyone else..."

Sorry Karelfd, but if someone asks a question of A'goner's about the wisdom of spending $8000 on cables, I think they might be after a little more than that.

Ledinhhien, I suggest you heed Rodman's advice; audition these cables (burnt-in) VERY CAREFULLY against your current cables. Personally, I think $8000 is an absurd amount to charge for speaker wire, even if you have that sort of cash. There would have to a be a distinct improvement to your ears to contemplate such a purchase, and I'd be looking at a few other options.

Just because something "makes sense to you" doesn't mean it's right, which is why many folks use this forum.

It made sense to Hitler to invade Poland too...
If you decide to experiment with cables, I have had much success with Anti-Cables. They are very cheap, but very, very good in my system. All cables sound different, so you should listen to the various products. I personally didn't think Kimber Monocle was so exceptional...at least in my system. You really want a flat (frequency ) cable..one that presents real music in real time. There are many cables out there that exaggerate various characteristics... that will ultimately be unsatisfactory and you will be looking to change the cables again soon.
Are you in the US ?
Um how about telling us what speaker cables you're using and in what ways you're dissatisfied with them, rather than just telling us they cost $800? Also I'm pretty sure most would agree that there are no cut and dried numbers or ratio's in terms of how much cables should cost versus components. If I could offer just one piece of advise with cables it's to buy used, let someone else pay for their depreciation! Ok one more, listen in your system rather than looking at price tags. With used cables it's very easy to buy, listen, and flip until you get something you really love, and if you are smart and careful you can do this with minimal investment other than the initial purchase. Good luck but most of all happy listening!

I think $8000 for just one cable is pushing it. I'm using Stereovox Reference LSP-600C and I can't conceive that a much more expensive cable can bring more improvement. I think it will sound different, but that doesn't mean that is better in any aspect.

The Stereovox LSP-600C has an unbelievable clarity and tonal balance. I didn't think that a speaker cable could bring quietness to the sound until I had this cable in my system. It was as if I introduced a power conditioner to my system, and not a speaker cable. Music sounds eerily close to the real thing with excellent dynamic contrast.

I highly recommend to try a BURNED IN sample. In my experience, this cable takes longer than usual to burn in. Even if the cable has been used, it will take some time to settle in again if it has not seen a signal for a while. After it has settled in, the sound is simply glorious.


Maybe you should have someone evaluate your acoustic listening environment before plucking down the money for different speaker cables.
No.....period....for that much money you can get good sp/cables and 2 pairs of IC's. Try the IC's first then go from there.
try some Anti-Cables and save your money...
Thank you for your advices.
Thought I'd mention: There are some excellent speaker cables and interconnects available in AudioGon's classified section(ie: http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?cablspkr&1229304369&/Kimber-Kable-KS-3033-8-feet-sp ), at substantially discounted prices. One very nice thing about Kimber products(purchased pre-owned): Should you happen not to enjoy their presentation, they are very easy to sell for what you've got in them.
Speaker cables were my biggest up grade. I didn't realize how much resolution my system was capable of and that my old S/C turned a lot of music into "background noise". It's good that you would consider "expensive" S/C because now you can get what you like from $800>$8000. I never thought I'd spend what I did but now feel it was a deal for what I received!!!! I think you will be shocked with how good your system actually is but has been bottled up by your S/C. Just a guess I realize price isn't always indicative of quality sound (Anti Cables).
Like somebody said check the classifieds....there's a 10ft pair of NBS pro's that are reasonable 1k+....no brainer as they are great sounding and you can always upgrade them.