Speaker Cable trial

Anyone out there know of Clear Day cables....silver.
I take it from your heading that you need to know if Clear Day cables has a trial offer? They do. Just ask and Paul will send you out a pair or two that are already broken in so you can hear and decide for yourself.

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I guess I wasn't careful enough in my heading selection....actually I was wondering if anyone has an opinion.  Thanks
I've been using Clear Day Double Shot Gun Bi-wire for the last 5 years and never consider to replace them.
Yeesh, Stringreen, no offense, but I'm a bit surprised at your inquiry given all the server space taken up with wire discussions and the fact that Clear Day gets mentioned regularly.  On the other hand, you're a veteran around these parts so I assume you've done a search of A'gon discussions and are looking for something more current than what you found.

FWIW - I've run Clear Day double shotgun speaker cables and liked them quite a lot.  Forget what I was running prior to them (probably Opera Joplins)  but I remember being VERY impressed with the heft and detail the Clear Day cable brought to the presentation from tube gear (Cyber 800SE 6CA7s) w/Forest speakers.  It was like the music put on 20 pounds...of muscle not fat.  I don't mean to imply things got "slow".  Rather, the presentation became a lot more fleshed out and "present".  I was apprehensive about the dreaded shrill brightness that supposedly afflicts silver wire but I did not encounter that.  

Ultimately longer lengths were needed for use with a solid state integrated (Hegel H-200).  Compared to the Cybers, things tended to sound more rolled off in the treble with this amp driving the Forests.  I picked up some Morrow Audio SP-4 wire.  This is what I currently use with both tube amp and solid state.  I think the Morrow wire is just a bit more resolving than the Clear Day...but it is subtle.  I have kept the Clear Day cables and should really put them back in the system to try with the Silverline speakers I'm now running.  Paul is a great guy to do business with.  He'll definitely work with you and does offer in-home trials.  I think you've long been fond of Anti-cable (might be mistaken about that) if true, I'm betting you will enjoy a switch to Clear Day wire.  Good luck.