Speaker Cable trial

Anyone out there know of Clear Day cables....silver.
I take it from your heading that you need to know if Clear Day cables has a trial offer? They do. Just ask and Paul will send you out a pair or two that are already broken in so you can hear and decide for yourself.

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I guess I wasn't careful enough in my heading selection....actually I was wondering if anyone has an opinion.  Thanks
I've been using Clear Day Double Shot Gun Bi-wire for the last 5 years and never consider to replace them.
Yeesh, Stringreen, no offense, but I'm a bit surprised at your inquiry given all the server space taken up with wire discussions and the fact that Clear Day gets mentioned regularly.  On the other hand, you're a veteran around these parts so I assume you've done a search of A'gon discussions and are looking for something more current than what you found.

FWIW - I've run Clear Day double shotgun speaker cables and liked them quite a lot.  Forget what I was running prior to them (probably Opera Joplins)  but I remember being VERY impressed with the heft and detail the Clear Day cable brought to the presentation from tube gear (Cyber 800SE 6CA7s) w/Forest speakers.  It was like the music put on 20 pounds...of muscle not fat.  I don't mean to imply things got "slow".  Rather, the presentation became a lot more fleshed out and "present".  I was apprehensive about the dreaded shrill brightness that supposedly afflicts silver wire but I did not encounter that.  

Ultimately longer lengths were needed for use with a solid state integrated (Hegel H-200).  Compared to the Cybers, things tended to sound more rolled off in the treble with this amp driving the Forests.  I picked up some Morrow Audio SP-4 wire.  This is what I currently use with both tube amp and solid state.  I think the Morrow wire is just a bit more resolving than the Clear Day...but it is subtle.  I have kept the Clear Day cables and should really put them back in the system to try with the Silverline speakers I'm now running.  Paul is a great guy to do business with.  He'll definitely work with you and does offer in-home trials.  I think you've long been fond of Anti-cable (might be mistaken about that) if true, I'm betting you will enjoy a switch to Clear Day wire.  Good luck.
Thanks GhostHouse.
I’m currently comparing Clear Day Silver Shotgun (which I've had for several years) with Acoustic Zen Satori (which arrived earlier this week).. The latter are breaking in, but preliminary indications are that they are better, but not by much. Their soundstage is a bit wider and they inflect a bit more of a presence; still, their cost (even with Mr. Lee’s discount) is much more than the Clear Days. They mate well with my AZ Adagios, so I’ll most likely keep them in that set-up, but Clear Days are hard to beat for what you pay. Plus, Paul will let you audition what you want, and that’s the best gauge of what they sound like.

So Mr Lee gives discounts meaning he sells direct bypassing dealers. 
I still have a pair of Clear Day single run speaker cables and liked them a lot with an older set up. How they interact with your particular amp and speaker is the only way to determine if they're right for you.

With my new system, they just don't hold up as well as with my other cables. So it goes.

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Stringreen - You are very welcome.  Give Paul a call.  He'll pick up and is generous with his time.  Always nice to chat with another enthusiast.  Get a pair to trial.  Only way for you to know for sure.  Good luck.  
Another very satisfied customer. Using double shotgun along with Pauls jumpers with his single and balanced IC's throughout. No desire to switch. I wish Paul would build me a phono cable for my TT but he won't. The IC's are very good as well; especially the balanced cable.
Another very satisfied customer.  As others have mentioned, Paul is absolutely fantastic to work with and his cables are outstanding.  I replaced Acoustic Zen Satoris with ClearDay double shotguns and am VERY pleased with the change.  Highly recommended.
@srosenberg Interesting. I'm finding the opposite to be true. My Satoris are outperforming the CD shotguns.

However, as @nonoise pointed out, the Satoris may be a better match for the Adagios and LSA Statement I have.

Now, if Paul and Mr. Lee teamed up...
@simao as has been noted, these things are SO VERY system (gear, room, and most importantly user) dependent... otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need for more than one manufacturer! the satoris are fine cables, no question about it, but in my room and to my ears, my preference was without question Clear Day. admittedly, this means little to how they will sound to others, but i sure like them!