Speaker Cable Too Short What to do?

Greetings, I just bought a pair of expensive mit cables but one of them does not quite reach my amp by a foot. What an idiot I am!!!!
I am playing around with the furniture to try to make things work, but is there anything else I can do? Can I use an mit jumper to extend the short cable? Will that degrade the sound? Does it matter that one speaker cable will be longer than the other?
I would avoid using jumpers or having connections of different lengths if possible. If I were in this situation, I would find ways to locate the amp one foot closer -- proper location of speakers is usually much more critical than amp location. Of course, you must already have considered this and rejected it. If so, I recommend replacing the speaker cables with the proper length, which is the textbook solution. Perhaps you can sell the too short cables on Audiogon and buy a longer pair cheaply here, too. Good luck.
A grown man capable of spending $XXXX on expensive MIT cables should have spent $5.99 for a tape measure. I am sorry for you, however I cannot locate any sympathy.

Sell the MIT, and get a better pair of cables! Sorry, I'm not a big fan of MIT. Sometimes, bad things happen for good reasons, ending up in much better results! Happy Tunes!
Hey your at audiogon, a great place to buy and sell gear, the solution seems simple to me.
Sorry to hear this but do not splice. Perhaps you can exchange them for a longer pair. Contact MIT if the dealer won't budge. Good luck.
The solution is obvious, buy a second system to fit the cables you have, and longer cables to fit the system you have. Now, wasn't that easy!
You did not mention where you got the cables. Perhaps the store has a customer that needs what you have, or MIT has some show samples or demo's they would trade you for minimal bucks.

Certainly worth asking about, I would not splice or join an MIT cable in any case.
Your first mistake was MIT - sell - the spirit god of high end is trying to tell you something.
Your first mistake was MIT - sell - the spirit god of high end is trying to tell you something.

Stop laughing at him!

It is a pity that we are laughing at his cable selection. Who knows, it might be the best cable in his particular situation. Who says MIT isn't a viable option in certain circumstances.
Well thank you everyone for your advice. First of all, the MIT/ Spectral are the right cables for my Spectral equipment and they sound magnificent. Secondly, they fit my original and now current configuration. I was trying to re-arrange that set up to take advantage of the change in soundstage made possible by the new cables. I wanted to see if this was an alternative. Thanks for pointing out that I should only do it with longer cables. And if in return I gave you a laugh at my expense, then so be it.
Nothing wrong with MIT
Something VERY WRONG with knocking another persons choices.Very rude,to say the least.
Yeah, there's nothing wrong with MIT. And you can have your choice, too, since there's literally HUNDREDS for sale on the used market! That fact alone should tell you something, David99! Sorry, I don't believe in hanging on MORE electronics in my signal chain. Apparently, neither do most other manufactures. At the C.E.S./The Expo in Vegas, MIT was almost totally absent from system set-ups. Furthermore, advise was asked about correcting a problem. Ljgj and I gave an opinion about the BEST way to solve the problem. We both consider this an unexpected opportunity to correct a basic mistake. This is simply an opinion and not fact. As such, the posting party is free to take or ignore this opinion. If you only want people to AGREE with YOUR choices, this kind of limits a free and open discussion in the forums, doesn't it, David99?
Fatparrot-This guy asked what to do with too short cables, not what you think of his MIT or which cables he should use.
Your attitude is mean spirited.Thats obvious no matter how you try to sugar coat your remarks.
That is what this board is getting to be, constant attacks on gear belonging to others .. unreal...

I had MIT and they did have a spot in my system, I was also in that same predicament a few years back, sold them for a Shorter pair ..that will be the best bet, there are really no other options..at a reasonable cost.

Best of luck Asamuelson
I agree with trying to move the amp. Maybe also there is also a different room configuration waiting to be discovered.

I also had great success with MIT cables in my old house. I needed a 20 foot run on one system, and for my budget then, they were the only ones I tried that did not sonically fall apart from being a long run.

David99, you obviously didn't understand my second post!!! When asked for an option, I (along with Ljgj) gave him what I thought was his BEST option, as he would have to replace the cables anyway TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM THE RIGHT WAY, according to his own parameters. His second post stated that he loved the cables, they were the 'right cables' for his system, and was quite happy with them. Had he stated this in the first post, I would have NEVER denigrated his choice, but this information was NOT available until AFTER my first post. Once I express an opinion, I WILL NOT retract it, so that someone won't be offended, even if it appears 'mean spirited'. Taking a beating on the used market, or buying into a manufacturer's marketing ploy is more offensive! I feel that cables present the greatest opportunity for hucksters and charlatans out of ANY COMPONENT IN HIGH END AUDIO!!! I'm certainly not implying that MIT is not above board; they are a large, well respected, and QUALITY manufacturer. I just don't agree with their design philosophy, and apparently, I'm NOT in the minority (read my second post). Audio is a very personal experience, much like a favorite food! Some people are happy with a $399.99 Circuit City mini-system. God bless 'em! They're going to save HUGE sums of money if they don't get bitten by the audio bug! If you have a high end system that brings you pleasure, then my opinion really doesn't matter. As sophistication grows, certain items don't seem so sophisticated even with all the "gosh golly gee-whiz" technology that is used as a marketing tool. I stand by my comments. Feel free to dispute them using facts, but please don't use the empty catch phrases of a failed and humiliated administration!
>> please don't use the empty catch phrases of a failed and humiliated administration<< what, pray tell, are you suggesting david99 said? and what is a "failed and humiliated administration"? i can't tell whether you're speaking of george bush, the first, or dubya. your last post directed at david99, who's contributed much more to these discussions than have you, is unnecessarily mean spirited. you would do well to offer an apology. -cfb
I agree Kelly. If fatparrot was saying bad things about the Bush administration he should apologize.

Although David 99 has proven his value around here time and again, your backing him up is most likely appreciated.
Thanks guys-my only problem is some people seeme to enjoy knocking a product then trying to justify it.If a product works fine in a system thats all that matters.Not its cost,reputation,reviews or how many are for sale on AudiogoN.The fact is there may be lots of MIT for sale here but then again,LOTS of MIT is out there.
I've heard all the MIT bashing before but I know MIT T-2's improved my system.I auditioned Kimber 8 TC and Harmonic Tech.Pro-11's and liked the MIT the best.Sure some will say,"MIT's a bandaid,well ya shouldnt have to put a bandaid on it" I don't feel the MIT's are a bandaid.They reducesed some upper mid brightness I had without losing anything in return.Then you will hear "you should have replaced the source,or the amp,or the speakers,or a tube,or room treatment,or,or,or...The MIT worked for me and they arent crap in 'my' system anyway.They may be crap in another system just like 100 other cables may be.
I propose AudiogoN audiophile's STOP product bashing and open there minds up more.
A reminder, gentlemen: Asamuelson has SPECTRAL gear, and Spectral strongly recommends MIT/spectral cable for SAFETY reasons. That makes playing around with other cable brands (as Fatparrot suggested) very "adventurous". He also seems to like the sound (as David99 notes)... For both reasons above, I respectfully submit that discussing the sonic qualities of OTHER cables vs. MIT in this thread is, at best, an academic excercise.
Asamuelson asked about the LENGTH of cables -- not the brand/model of cables.
I believe he'll have to seriously reconsider placement of his amp/ system, and not tamper with the wires -- unless MIT themselves offer a financially viable alternative. MIT/spectral cables are expensive, & relatively rare in the used market. Good luck!
In a lighter vein, you may wish to avail yourself of a new cable stretching service........????

CARTOON LINK: http://www.vantageaudio.com/photo/stretch.jpg

Regards, Richard

Asamualson, this is a great site, unfortuantely you will learn what Tim the Tireguy mentioned best in another post, when it comes to opinions on eq and cables most people highly recommend.... what they use. Good luck with MIT/Spectral situation - great system IMHO...
You can also lay down an area rug and run the cables under it. Mit cables are big and bulky and it would show but it may make it work.
In view of Perfectimage's suggestion, I would offer an idea that would work if you are trying to lay the cables around an inside corner of a room perimeter. Instead of putting an area rug over the cables, you can drill a neat hole in the floor at each end and run the cables under the floor. There are special caps professional installers use to cover such holes. Perhaps you could take advantage of a diagonal (rather than having to run two sides of a triangle) to save cable length. Good luck.
The MIT circuit box is usually located fairly closely to one end of the cable and probably doesn't need to go through the hole.
Tim - thanks, a few of mine are good - most aren't but I do get a good idea once or twice a month...:-)