Speaker Cable to pair with Soliloquy 5.3's

Which cable are you pairing with the Soliloquy 5.3's? What has your experience been? Bi-wire or no? My current cables are Lat Intl 1000's which have a very open and airy mid and and high section but the bass is a little loose and unrefined with the Sol's. The same wasn't true with my previous speakers. I have tried a few other pairs both biwiring and single runs and found a couple that gave a deeper, tighter cleaner bass but those that did seemed to present a veiled mid and rolled top end when coupled with the 5.3's. So let me know what combinations you are using out there and what you have found that works! Thanks!
I use cobalt cables and am pleased with the result. I also like the lifetime no questions asked replacement guarantee that cobalt has and that I have used ( one of the ends bent).

Internally, sols use Oval Plus wiring so perhaps matching with the same speaker cable makes sense.
I think Rysa4 meant to say that Soliloquy uses Analysis Plus wiring.
They are excellent with Signal Cable shotgun bi-wire. I've also found them to work well with Analysis Plus Silver Oval, though if you have a SS system, I'd probably stick with copper.
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If your 5.3s are new, wait for at least 300 hours (preferably 500 hours) before you start evaluating cables for them. Soliloquy speakers are notorious for a long break-in period. (I know. I have 6.5s.)

In my experience, bi-wiring is definitely beneficial. I use Kimber Bi-focal XL. Also place them well out from the wall behind them - at least 4 feet.

What Signal cable are you referring to? The standard or Ultra? IC's as well, or speaker cable only? Current IC's are AP Copper Oval's (only 1, I have an integrated amp) and only a CDP.
With the Sol's, I would suggest using the Ultra shotgun bi-wire, unless your room forces you to sit less than 6 or 7 feet from the speaker. Or simply treat the room appropriately. Because when bi-wired, the Sol's project exceptionally well, and a small or untreated room will compromise the bi-wired sound. With a single wire on the Sol's, they sound more laid back, in my experience. I've owned the 5.3 and the 6.2

Also, as Nighthawk said, wait AT LEAST 300 hours before evaluating cables. The bi-wires will make those things sound like a megaphone until the speakers (and consequently, the bass) break in.
They are fantastic speakers, once broken in.
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Firstly thanks to everyone who responded. I have biwired them and found it to be a bit more dynamic than the single wire. I bought the speakers as a dealer demo and believe they are fairly well broken in. The overall sound is fairly open though the imaging is not as stable as I would like it to be at times. Perhaps a bit more break in time is needed? As I said I hope to tighten the bottom up a bit while maintaining the refinement and openess at the top. I had heard that they do use Analysis Plus wire internally so using Oval 12's or the like may make good sense. I wonder exactly what cable they are using on the inside? Thanks again everyone!
You can contact Soliloquy and they will tell you what's on the inside. My guess (ask the dealer) is that your dealer demos have no more than 50 or 100 hours on them. Those speakers truly will not sound good until you get at least 300 hours. After 500, they will really shine. They image extremely well, so again if you want verification, ask the dealer. However, I would guess that they are short on play time.
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I use Acoustic Zen Satori (with Satoir Jumpers) on my Soliloquy 5.0's and have been very pleased. Very smooth, natural sounding cables to my ears.