speaker cable tie-downs in room?

I know this is a dumb question .... I am installing some wall mounted speakers in my bedroom and would like to run the speaker cables in a manner which is unobtrusive. The walls are white I picked up some white, flat speaker cable and will run it along the floor and alongside a doorway, and finally across the wall to the speakers. My question is ... what do you use to pin down the cables?
I am looking for something not unsightly.

What do folks recommend?
I've tried my local home improvement stores with no luck.

Search the internet,it's a wonderful tool.
I sent you a email with a few links to check out...and this should at least give you an idea of what to look for.
I bought some white plastic channels at Home Depot.


They come in 5' lengths with various connectors to cover the wire where you link them together. Cheap, effective, and not unsightly. They are backed with adhesive and a peel off strip. The toughest part was snapping the channels closed once the wires were inserted. Of course, the best bet, if possible, is to run the wires through the crawl space above the ceiling.

If your primary interest is in making the installation be the least visually intrusive you could glue the cable to the wall and then paint over both the wall and cable. Of course, that means reworking the wall if you take down the cable and that could be a problem if the wall is textured.