Speaker cable testing

The May edition of Audio Xpress has some "scientific" testing ( electrical measurements and computer modeling ) along with some subjective listening opinions of various speaker cables. While the test was not conducted in the most appropriate manner ( various lengths of each type of cable, some WAY longer than others ), the results are quite interesting none the less. The cables tested were Goertz MI2 ( older flat series with non-Teflon insulation ), Kimber 8TC, Supra 3.4S, Monster 1190MC ( 12 gauge zip ) and 16 gauge "generic" zip cord. There are simulations done using a standard 8 ohm dummy load, Ken Kantor's speaker simulated phase & impedance plot, etc.. on both tube and ss designs. Definitely good reading and informative.... IF you're interested in such things : ) Sean
That figures! After subscribing for many years I finally gave up due to this pastiche's recent schitzophrenic redesign and they come up with an article I want to read!