Speaker cable suggestions for Rogue and Spendors?

I have a Rogue Audio Magnum 88 amp, Rogue Audio Magnum 66 preamp and Spendor SP100 speakers. Right now I have Audioquest Indigo+ speaker cables but I am looking to upgrade them. I would appreciate feedback from anyone with similar equipment. If it matters my front end is a Meridian 508.24 cd player and my interconnects are Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling (cd to preamp) and Audioquest Viper (preamp to amp).
When I had the same speakers, the Cardas bi-wire worked well. You can find several with various lengths at this site.
If you can find out what is used internally on the spendors.It would be a great choice for Wire.There is something to be said for synergy.
For the Spendors: was suggested to try Nordost Super Flatline - if bi-wireable, or Flatline if not. Quite a good recommendation!
My brother has Analysis Plus Oval Nine cable between Rogue 88 and N.E.A.R 50Me II loudspeakers. I think they sound excellent. Bass performance, in particular, is exceptional.