Speaker cable suggestions for MBL 101E's

I am looking for ideas for speaker cables for my MBL 101E's
Check out Ridge Street Audio.
Seems like MBL always demos with TARA at the shows.
Zieman is a Tara dealer.

Undisclosed of course.


Enough said.
I thought these forums were to inform others.
Zieman,Now your other 135 answers have no credibility.
Why do some feel the need to self promote ??
On the mbl-usa website, they sell Wireworld, presumably that means they feel Wireworld is an optimum match.

Perhaps, or perhaps they benefit from that recommendation?
If you click on it does say, "MBL has tested many cables and Wire World reference speaker cables is among the best." So they are not saying Wireworld is the only good choice. Besides, it seems to me that whatever profit they make from a sale on this cable would be miniscule compared to recommending a cable that did not work well with their speakers. But maybe someone who actually owns mbl speakers can chime in...
I have MBL 111e's; with 8011 amps, and I also have questions about recommendations for both speaker cables and ic's to enhance and tame these speakers...currently I am using Harmonic Tech biwired cables and ic's; but want to upgrade. People often suggest MIT products; Tara; or Stealth, or Tesla, and Transparent. I don't want to spend $5000 for speaker cables; and $3000 for ic's...what are some recommendations for quality and price? Hoping to get this thread back on topic; without accusations of who is biased where. Many thanks to those who are helpful; I learn much from these forums and appreciate the input.
Hello Mribob - look at just introduced David Elrod Signature Silver speaker cable - relatively in expensive and of highest quality as all David's products

All The Best
I would join Dob recommendations of Elrod new Signature Silver speaker cables - they are indeed relatively inexpensive and of highest quailty - way, way above similarely priced cables.

However, however....if you can afford Elrod Signature Gold speaker cables then probably you have the best in the world component because their effect is that of extremely expensive and more then excellent component...

I thought to upgrade my CD player to Esoteric X-03 but instead I bought these cables.... the sonic effect was the same, particualrly in bass - so much authority and weight. Its difficult for me to use words to describe sound. I can say the changes were of very revolutionary nature and I feel that every penny I spent was worth it.

If this clumsily worded advise was of any help then I am glad to be of some help.
Husk, Stay far away from silver with MBL.
Zieman why do you recomend to stay far away from silver.
I said stay far away from silver with MBL. They don't need any high freq help.
Silver is hard sounding and copper soft sounding is an old wives' tale and clearly misunderstood by many inexperienced posters here.

Cable sonics are far more a function of conductor purity, conductor geometry, and dielectric than the actual conductor itself or conductor combination/hybrids.

There are etchy/edgy copper cables and soft/mushy silver cables.

The fellow attempting to dissuade MBL users from silver is basically clueless and should be ignored.
Zieman I don't know where you have gotten your info. but I personally own MBL 101E's and have two separate runs of Stealth Dream speaker cables paired up with them with no issues what so ever and I know of another MBL 101E owner who is actually using Audio Note Japan silver speaker cables, double run and having no issues.

I would agree with what Audiofeil said.

Zieman are you a Tara dealer? if so you should be mentioning this when posting so people reading know as it has an effect on your credibility and what you actually post.
Do you anything about the Stereovox or Elrod speaker cables for MBL's?
Husk01 I do not know any MBL 101E owners who have used these specific cables you mentioned so you should try and let us know. If I was looking for cables the new Elrod speaker cables would be on the top of my list to hear.
Hello Husk01. I believe that there are enough of the owners of Elrod Silver Signature Cables but very few and in-between Gold Signature Cables. The main reason that these cables were introduced very recently. Silver in Necember and Gold, I believe, only early January.

I believe that full line of Elrod cables (PC, IC and SC) will be presented at RMAF 2009 - which is about half-year ahead.

My suggestion - call David Elrod or one of his dealers and ask if someone who own Silver or Gold cable lives nearby you...

I own Silver speaker cables and I love them and I was planning to write review. However, I was able to audition Gold cables nearby me and they made immense impression on me so I am not sure if I can write review about Silver....

All The Best
I started out with Cardas Golden Cross on my 111e's. They are known for being rich & mellow, and they are. It was a good match, but after reading a review, I purchased a bi-wired pair of Homegrown Audio X-32, which are made of silver. These improved detail, and actually made the Cardas sound slightly muddy by comparison. But they emphatically do NOT sound bright. I have not given a thought to changing speaker wires since installing these. In addition, they are very reasonably priced. Check out their website, homegrownaudio.com

No affiliation, etc., but I recommend these highly for MBL speakers.

Hello DaveAllison,

I am in full agreement with you that Cardass always sound dull and with lower resolution (relative to better cables). Their advantages were natural midrange and... this is what I can remember. No deep bass, May be very good highs but not too extended either.

Regarding "Homegrown Audio X-32" - I never heard it and cannot comment directly but when someone describe cable (power or speaker etc). I always ask myself - does he describe the true sonic characteristics of the cable or its effect on overly bright or overly dull system making improvment in overall sound.

Finally, I am a bit suprised that people who invest $60k (retail) into the speakers and I am sure good money into the amplifiers (power and pre) insist on chocking of the signal coming to these speakers.

Very recently, I got confirmation of that by auditioning of Gold Elrod speaker cables instered between pair of Spectron monoblocks to cheap (in comparison to MBL) $25k speakers. System sound was always good. With previous Elrod Silver (its the name of the line not metal) speaker cables it was excellent or may be more then excellent. Now, when I hear it with "Gold" - my jaws drop - its beyond my dream (and budget...today) but good cables do not add music (bad cables add coloration) - they allow amplifiers to show its full potential.

Thus, what is the point to invest $100k - $150k (retail) in system electronics and then screw yourself on wrong (not nesseceraly cheap) cables?

All The Best
I am unabashedly a big Elrod Silver Signature speaker cable fan. These cables really open up and reveal a systems utmost audio capabilities. Discussion about the Gold cables, which I am sure are wonderful, is unfortunate because it somewhat detracts from how good the Silver cables are. For far less money the Silvers will blow you away! If you are rich, which I am not, go for the Gold. But I can almost guarantee you that the Silvers are a wonderful less costly alternative.
Hello Bostonbean - I actually agree with you but its different levels. If you looking sport car then Lamborgini is probably much better then Mecedes 300 series and, and twice more expensive.

I don;t think this is contradiction in terms since Mercedec 300 series is sold at Buick prices.

I think I confused myself with this analogy with exotic or/or luxury cars...

I know relatively both Silver or Gold Elrod speaker cables and if one can get either cable- he will be indeed very happy.

All The Best
See one of my pixs on my system.. I tried various nordost, synergisticm (the new stuff), cardas, transparent XL, harmonic tech ( my fav for relatively reasonable cable, Acoustic Zen. I use tara 0.8, and the one power cords. There is a harmonic richness and rightness I did not get with the others... I can say definitively that Nordost Valhallas are not a good match, the bleach the sound. I found the harmonics to be harsh, and the various synergistics to have audible uneven frequency response. The differences were, surprising big on speaker cables, not so much on dac to preamp, and moreso on preamp to amp. Never tried the Wireworld, but it sounded pretty good at CES.