Speaker cable suggestions for B&W 804 Diamond

I am looking to upgrade my speaker cables. I own a pair of B&W 804D's. I have them hooked up to a rotel processor and a seperate rotel amp. Right now I am using audioquest type 4 speaker cables. This was the first pair of "nice" speaker cables I have owned. I realize that these cables are not the best or most expensive. They do sound fine in my system but, I find them to not be very revealing in the top end. High frequencies such as cymbals sound kindof veiled and muddy. I want to find some cables that don't really have much of a sonic signature if that is possible. Just a good cable from low frequencies to high. I guess neutral is what I am looking for. I sent an e-mail to the cable company. They have a loaner library where they will send you cables to audition in your own system. Does anyone have any suggestions for some cables that people have had good success with the B&W 800 diamond series. hopefully I can come up with some good suggestions to ask the cable company for some loaners to try out. I want to spend somewhere between $500 and $800 on a decent set of bi-wire cables. Thanks in advance.

I use "low end" speaker cables from Blue Jeans Cable for my 804 Diamonds and love them. There is nothing muddy in the top end. Thinking I should at least try something more high end, I once auditioned Kimber Kable 8tc speaker cable from The Cable Company. But I could hear absolutely no difference, positive or negative. I suspect though that the amp is at least as important as the speakers when it comes to pairing with speaker cable. It might help for you to also indicate what amp you are using. In my case, I use a Musical Fidelity M6PRX which seems to be relatively immune to what cables are connected to it.
I am currently using a rotel rsp-1570 processor and a rotel rmb-1575 amp. I am planning to upgrade both components in the near future. When I have some funds available, I would like to listen to a MC275 if I can find one. I may buy two of them and bi-amp.
My setup is a dual purpose home theater/2-channel music. I want to keep my 5-channel rotel amp to use for my center and surrounds. Like I said above, I will be purchasing some nice amps for my towers. Either 2 monoblocks or 2 stereo amps to bi-amp with. I haven't decided on a specific amp yet. I do want to get a pre-amp with the home theater bypass option, such as the parasound jc-2. I may also look into the parasound JC-1 monoblocks.
Andyprice44- I think you would notice an improvement in music listening by using a separate 2 channel amp for your L/R speaks. Something to do with discerete wiring/ circuits. I have a rotel 5.1 receiver, and i noticed a big difference when i bought a separate stereo amp and ran the pre-outs from the receiver to it. I know this isn't exactly what you have/ nor what you are trying to do. My philosophy is for music, keep the pathway as simple and unmuddied as possible. just my $.02.
that is my plan. I am going to purchase a pair of dedicated amps for my towers in the near future. I will then use my rotel amp for my center and surrounds
Give the Mapleshade Double Helix PLUS speaker cables a try. A friend of mine recommended them; I'm a better man for it! While they're somewhat difficult to work with initially due to their construction, once you get them uncoiled (straightened out) and connected, they sound magnificent. I can't imagine a better speaker cable for the money. Mapleshade recommends nude termination (bare wire) on both ends. Also, you get thirty day trial period with full refund if not satisfied. In the short time I've had them, all I can say is that they are incredibly good speaker cables.

Why not try the higher grade AQ cables? I'm not trying to sound like a fanboy but they work well with B&W. The Gibralor or Oak would be in your price range if bought used.