Speaker cable suggestions for B&W 800 Diamond

Hi all,

I would like to replace my old cables that I used for my 802D.

in 2 weeks the new 800 Diamonds will arrive.

need the best and chip cables.

some one told me to use the Kimber TC8 or TC12 I need at list 20M.

Thanks for the Suggestions

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Depends on what you want to spend for money, The kimber mentioned above is ok, however, Their is alot out there thats so much better for such fine speakers you are about to have!cheers!
I agree with audiolabyrinth. A shorter measure of Ohno OCC wire likely achjeve the results you desire. or if you want a manufactured wired I get great results withs Jena Cables.
These days I sell Audioquest, Purist Audio and Kimber. The newer generation AQ is superior compared to the Kimber models. In timing, openness, drive and in blacks. Best blacks I ever heard from a cable. Wenn I owned the 800 Signature I played with the Nordost Valhalla. But the Redwood from Audioquest is superior.

read my review: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1365764680&openmine&zzBo1972&4&5#Bo1972
I see you need long cables. With the TC8 and TC12 you will loose a lot of quality of what your speaker can give. The quality of cables are so good these days, that they are able to give you new talents which were not there before. What amp are you using? The most common misstake in audio is spending a lot of money at speakers and use a much cheaper amp and cables. Then you only play at a very low level of what your speaker is capable of giving in sound quality.
I did a lot of consulting. I visit a lot of people with expensive sets. But I never had a client with the need of 20m of cable. Wenn you spend this kind of money on speakers you need to spend a lot of money on amps and cables to get a good level in quality from your 800D. I had clients who got about 30% (quality) out of there expensive speakers. Because they did not have amps and cables which match the capability of there speakers. I could not blame them, because they did not know it.
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@ Elizabeth, Hi, I am dumbfounded as to why you would make a claim such as the one you posted on 6-4-13, I know every one has an opinion, The realality is that in my experience I have never heard a speaker cable better than the Taralabs omega gold speaker cable!,$24,000.00 8ft retail, you may research this cable and find that it hardly ever see it for sell on the used market!,I have talked to alot of users of this cable, they may sell most of their Taralabs i/cs, however, they always keep the omega speaker cables for many reasons!, Then when you go into the audiogon circles of the threads, you will find that this cable is also in the conversation as Best available!, At the end of the day, I agree with the reviewers, users,The absolute sound 2012 editors choice of the year 1st place, etc...,such over whelming proof here, I bought my own pair!, I have no regrets and enjoy a realism that no 12 gauge paired up in a quad twist of speaker cables will ever give toward my enjoyment!, Happy listening!
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@ Eliizebeth,, Hi, I have seen you around on audiogon alot, I like you!, To me, you are the queen of audiogon!, Its likly I say this is because there is no females on these threads!, I was fortunate that I was able to get my omega gold speaker cables 6ft new for 12,500.00! A savings!, equipment wise, I have a Krell 700cx amp, Ayon 2s cd-player running direct untill I get a Ayon 5s or a pre-amp, The 2s sounds good!, I have been building this main system for 13 months and have a long ways to go, I have seen your equipment you use in your threads, kudos! great equipment you use Elizabeth!I would enjoy talking to you more!, your likes and dislikes of audio, that would be nice!, you do have my respect!, cheers!
Using a 20 meter length of speaker cable, especially in conjunction with a speaker whose impedance reaches low values at some frequencies (3.1 ohms in this case, as indicated under the specifications link here, requires that basic electrical parameters (resistance, inductance, capacitance) be carefully considered. All of those parameters are directly proportional to length.

I second Elizabeth's recommendation to avoid the 8TC. For a 20 meter length, its resistance is marginal at best, and would exceed B&W's 0.1 ohm recommendation for maximum cable impedance by nearly 50%.

On the other hand the 12TC may not be suitable either, depending on the characteristics of the amplifier you are using. It's capacitance per unit length is on the high side, being specified as 1400 pf per 2.5 meters. That would amount to 11,200 pf for 20 meters. That is high enough to potentially affect the sonic performance of the amplifier, and is in an area that has even been known to cause some amplifiers to oscillate and self-destruct.

Obviously, at that length cost and budget are major factors as well. I have no specific suggestions to offer, but I would avoid cables for which specifications of resistance, capacitance, and inductance are not indicated by the manufacturer, and cannot be obtained from them via an inquiry.

When you arrive at a preliminary selection, you may want to post back in this thread with an indication of its electrical parameters, so that we can comment on them specifically.

-- Al
" I was fortunate that I was able to get my omega gold speaker cables 6ft new for 12,500.00! A savings!

Nice savings dude!
Interesting argument about getting as much tire on the road, as it were, with multiple lengths of mediocre 12 ga cable. The problem with the idea is that one of the most revealing and musical cables is the Omega Mikros from Mapleshade, the center conductors of which are 54 ga. In case you're wondering, 54 ga is about the diameter of a human hair. So much for the more the merrier theory.
@ Marakanetz, Thanks for the kind words on my money savings of the Taralabs omega gold speaker cable!,, BTW,@ Geoffkait,, The Taralabs omega gold has seperate runs, one for the positive, and negative,Each run is 4 gauge!, this should suite the ops 20 meter run!, very exspensive!, I would not be able to afford that!,LOL!, like I said, I have 6ft cables!they stretch out enough to give me the sound stage I desire!I am Happy with the sound, I suppose thats what counts!, Happy Listening to all!
I was able to buy directly from Kimber 12TC bulk wire remaining 10' for $80 and that's what I use now ha.