Speaker Cable Suggestions Dali Helicon 400

Any suggestions for speaker cables for Dali Helicon 400. The amp is a Class CA-100. The pre is a Classe CP-35 and the source is a Proceed CDP-1 (yes, its ancient). I listen mostly to rock so the recordings are never all that great. I have a 18-20 foot run and I would like to spend less than $300.


I haven't purchased them yet, but am thinking of Bettercables "blue truth." They just cut the price by 40%--so you can find a pair in your price range. The cables are silver-coated copper with teflon. I understand the company is reputable. The website is bettercables.com

Good luck,

Dali is coming out with their own cable line within days, certain models will be within your price range, if interested you can contact me. Good luck. Regards, Jim