Speaker cable suggestions

I have older aq crystal 2 now,would be between theta citadels and snell xa90ps, i am leaning towards high fidelity cables reveal.
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It sounds like you have your search narrowed. If you need other suggestions, what is your gear, your sound preferences, and your budget?
@bi0drain - take a look at KLE Innovations QPURITY8's or the gZero6

Probably the last cables you buy- except for their interconnects and power cables

I had the gZero6 for a couple of years and they were exceptoinal - the QPURITY offers s little more, but I found it hard to justify the increase in price

But then I'm a frugal kinda guy

Regards - Steve
I am looking for something open sounding more than anything... my system before was slow.
Its Mixed 2 channel / Home theater with a Sigma SSP, Theta Citadel 1.5 monoblocks, and Snell XA90ps(the modded review pair), And I have JW  reference now. 
Power I will do last(have pangea now)... and my digital gear is thru a oneac medical isolation xformer.
@bi0drain - the KLE Innovations are significantly better than the JW Audio cables

You may think that is hard ot believe, but for me there is nothing better

Extremely articulate, very open with superb imaging, exceptional bass control and very detailed.

Regards - Steve

Magnetic Conduction Technology in the Reveal is a completely different way of moving a signal from source to destination. They are not "cables" as you are comparing it to conventional speaker cables. Reveal will sound better and then will get better as the magnetic conduction breaks in.