Speaker Cable Suggestions

I would appreciate any suggestions on speaker cable choices.  I will be using the following components:
Krell Chorus 5 channel amp
Krell Foundation processor
Oppo 205 Blue Ray
Sequerra Tuner
B&W 802's & Center Channel
My budget is $1500.00 Max, I am looking at used Kimber, Cardas, Audioquest or the new Silnote Orion-M2 Master
Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
The goose says: "In my opinion your room acoustics will make a bigger difference than any speaker cable."

Bingo!  Clarity in a sea of confusion!   
I simply wanted to echo the one previous poster about anticables.com. I have their Level 3 and am pleased as punch. I think it's unbelievable value for the dollar. (I'm on Thiel 3.6, Bryston 4B SST, and Tom Evans Vibe pre-amp, with OPPO media server.) I bought, as a gift, a single Level 1 RCA interconnect for my brother, who is the one who got me into stereo, and he was amazed at what this did, in change, for his system. Simply one Level 1 IC from preamp to amp. 
**Purist Dealer**
Dragon_Vibe is right.  The noise level is so low with Purist cables that dynamics jump out more than other cables.  There is also a focus and percussive focus to every note that I don't hear with other cables, the blarey/smear goes away with Purist Audio Design.  They are just cleaner, and routinely win cable shootouts.  Good luck with your cable search.  
Love the name calling. Y'all need to drink less coffee!

As for DIY, @williewonka and I just finished an epic DIY cable journey. Mine are still settling in, but the sound so far it's superb in my system. Clean, clear, lots of space, great dynamics, solid bass.. 

Mine cost me ~$200 to make a 6'  biwire pair. Obviously a single run would be cheaper and using no connecters even more so..