Speaker Cable Suggestions

I would appreciate any suggestions on speaker cable choices.  I will be using the following components:
Krell Chorus 5 channel amp
Krell Foundation processor
Oppo 205 Blue Ray
Sequerra Tuner
B&W 802's & Center Channel
My budget is $1500.00 Max, I am looking at used Kimber, Cardas, Audioquest or the new Silnote Orion-M2 Master
Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
I tried Clear Day Double shotguns.  Tried to make them work in my system, but they were a little dry and did not have a very expansive stage.  At the time it was with. Elac FS 409s.  I gave them to an office mate who is getting into to audio, and they sound better in his system on his Mark and Daniel speakers.   I now have Proac D48Rs, I should borrow them back and try them again since I am curious about how they would work with those. 
Buy used.  That way you can try them and if they don't work you can turn around and sell them at little or no loss, assuming you stick with brands that have a good following.  It would be helpful to know what you're using now and what areas youre looking to improve upon. 

All that said, a pretty safe bet is a pair of Acoustic Zen Satori or Hologram cables.  Well within your budget used and just great all-around cables that do a whole lot right.  To my ears they walk that line of sounding very musical yet are still very detailed so you don't feel your missing anything, and soundstaging and imaging are very good.  The result is a very organic and natural sounding cable.  Hope this helps and best of luck. 
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Purist Audio Design goes SO well with Krell and B&W.  I also carry Krell, and used to carry B&W for a long, long time.  Purist makes AWESOME sounding cables.  At $1.5k you can jump into some nice stuff...  :-)

I can't stress enough to build your own!  http://www.laventure.net/tourist/cables.htm

This is a great read and all I can say is you can build them and you won't be dissatisfied!!! As far as how they stack up to the before mentioned, they beat them hands down!  If you need any help or direction I will gladly help.  Others good luck! 
Buying used is great but there’s no return policy. I agree with the posters who suggest Clear Day, for all of the above reasons...biggest reason , you can demo for free and return them at a nominal cost. There are other cables you can buy and try them out for 30 days, sometimes more. An inexpensive way to sample different cables. Btw, Paul @ clear day is a first class guy. Very honest. Goodluck.