Speaker cable suggestions

I'm currently using the latest version of Townshend Audio EDCT Isolda but feel it's slightly restricting the performance of my Gamut M250i mono blocks.
I have a shortlist but would be interested to hear your experiences with speaker cables that you have found exceptional.

@ Infection: Acoustic Zen Satori... I prefer the ClearDay cables to the AZ's by a considerable margin. In fact, I prefer them to all the cables I've tried previously. Of course YMMV!
I urge you to try the Triode Wire Labs speaker cables. I've been through many brands (many much more expensive than the TWL cables), most recently the Jena Labs Twin 19s, Kubala Emotions and the Auditorium A23s.

In my setup, none have sounded as good from top to bottom, nor as completely natural and musical as Pete's TWL cables. Many people have tried and enjoy Pete's various outstanding power cables (I have a number of these and love 'em), but I've begun to believe that his speaker cables may be even better!

Plus, Pete is one of the nicest guys in the business!
I did find Jorma Origo biwire cables were quite exceptional. They are very natural sounding, wide bandwidth, good tone and timbre & are neutral (one of the attributes of good cables). They are also not big and heavy & are easy to work with. The model below Jorma Unity is also very good & bests Jorma No1 which was no slouch. Unity has a touch of warmth.
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