Speaker cable suggestions

My newly put together system is Plinius 8200 mkII integrated driving Joseph Audio RM22si signature speakers (Full system viewable under my virtual system). Current speaker cable is 6' Kimber 4TC biwired (two completely separate runs).

Problem is, current cable is too short for my setup. I need at least 8', and want 10' or 12' to have some slack just in case. Two questions:

1. Plinius has two separate sets of binding posts for use with biwiring. I like the idea of two separate cable runs, versus those that are joined together at 2 leads at the amp end. Is this just in my head, or is it true I will get better sound from two isolated cable pairs, each with their own dedicated binding post?

2. Can you recommend a cable for my setup. I would like to do this on the cheap (<$200 used), but will consider a little more if people feel a huge improvement to my system can be had.

DH Lab Q-10's. Nothing in that price range that I've heard touches them. They are an astounding value for the price. I use them in both my sytems (work and home). One is SET and one is SS. They fit in brilliantly in both systems and held up as winners in comparisons to much more pricey cables. I used to have Kimber 4TC's at home and they never really excited me much. Like the Kimbers, the Q-10's should be easy to sell if you don't like them, but I'd bet you'll decide to keep them! They are internally biwireable. I think they each have a pair of 14gauge and a pair of 12 gauge wires in them, if I'm not mistaken. If you buy new cables make sure to burn them in for at least 200-300 hours before making any final judgements about them, especially if they have silver content as the Q-10's do (just hook up a tuner and leave the radio playing for the week if you can). Regarding bi-wiring - it is a debatable point. The only real way to determine for yourself is to try it yourself in your system, in your room, with your ears. I don't think the separated cables (shotgun) would necessarily make a difference unless the wires were not insulated. I have heard opinions that braided wire is inferior when compared to the same wire laid down as straight runs bundled together. But like everything you will read here, it is all heresay. I've read some pretty absurd theories here on the internet, laid down with great conviction. Bottom line: Try it yourself to determine what actually works for you. Good luck on your quest, and congrats on working out your system (previous thread)!

Try Alpha Core Goertz MI 2's flat cables - copper. I used these for years, on my system, which is different from yours but there are similarities. I have a Classe amp and Thiel 3.6 speakers which are both very revealing. They were smooth, punchy bass, and a very nice balanced midrange. They are inexpensive, buy direct from the factory with a 30 day money back guarantee.
I know more than a few people that have wandered over to Goertz from the Kimber camp and been quite happy with the results. As such, i second Pops' suggestion above. Give Goertz a call and see what you can work out. I would suggest sticking with their "flat" series of cables and not the newer "rounded" versions. While you're at it, request the newer Teflon series if dealing directly with Goertz on new "30 day trial" cables and have them terminate the cables with the RC links included. Sean
I agree with Pops and Sean. I am currently using 2 pairs of Alpha Core's MI3 cables to bi-wire my totem model 1 speakers. Very nice. I have auditioned many cables from Cardas, Transparent, Audioquest Everest, and others and I like the sound that these cables provide. I also use the RC Links to be on the safe side with my Odyssey monoblocks, with no problems at all.
Analysis Plus Oval 9.
You can get a better sound with single-wire and decent low-inductance jumpers, and it will cost less. Most reviewers are shying away from biwire now.

My theory is that the reason that biwire caught on so strongly was that a few speakers actually benefitted from it and the others sounded better because the factory jumpers were such crap.
I also have the Plinius 8200 Mk II integ. Amp. with some
Infinity intermezzo 4.1t speakers. I'm thinking of getting
Audience cables.
Here is a recent PF shootout with Audience: