Speaker cable suggestions

I am just starting to play with speaker cables. Does anyone have suggestions for an anthem integrated biamped with a Parasound HCA 500 running to Paradigm Studio 60's? The anthem interated powers the midbass/midrange, and the parasound is powering the tweeters. I am using Straightwire Rhythm right now. Thanks for your help.
How much do you want to spend? Rhythm is an entry level cable, so the sky is the limit.
You need to try some of the Zu Julian speaker cable. Very nice build quality. Very inexpensive and has gotten some good reviews.www.zucable.com
My system isn't exactly ultra high end, so I was thinking like 100-150 bucks. Perhaps the low end Transparent cable? I don't have much experience with it though.
Try the Transparent MusicWave speaker cables. They are two
steps up from the 100 and 200 Series cables - and of much
better build quality. They will bring your system much
improved detail and give you a good idea of how well
matched your system really is.
Unless you are ready to buy new - you might find a good
used pair right here on Audiogon in your price range. I
am using the MusicWaves with my Thiel 3.5 speakers - and
love the full, detailed sound.

They are great to deal with and if you start with a lower model, they have a buy back program for upgrades.

Check out the Zu forum at www.harmonicdiscord.com
You need two pairs for $150 or $150 each pair to biamp and biwire?
Actually right now I am using the straightwire for the run to the midbass and some cheap soncace 14awg for the run to the tweeter. I figured I would move the straightwire to the tweeter and by more quality cable to run to the midbass. Should I get the same cable for both runs? The parasound is quite different sounding than the anthem amp section, so I figured different cables would be best.
Get 2 lengths of Cardas Crosslink... I was running these cables on my 20 grand (Verity speakers, YBA amp/preamp) sound system for around 6 weeks until my siltech Ls-120 come in...

The cardas crosslink are an outstanding value for the money. It's Cardas' entry level speaker cable... For the price, I doubt you will find as good...
Actually, most people would use the better cables for the highs, if using cables of different quality. Unless of course the better cable was chosen for bass performance.

Suggest you take a look at www.usedcable.com and see if anything in your price range is

I guess it would also help to know how long of a run you need? Some cables are more price
sensitive to length than others.

Thanks for the help everyone. As for length, I was thinking about 8'. I was upgrading with the midbass first and then making my way up the chain. I have to start somewhere. I'm finding that 50 Hz is being overamplified in my system and I wasn't sure if it was the room, cables, speakers, or system in general.
Why not get some cable where u can bi-wire on the speaker terminal side. Or simply, don't bi-wire at all. Just take out the worse link in your system, which is probably the Sonance cable.
For a value priced speaker cable check out Kimber 8xx or 4xx many bi-wire with 8xx going to the mid-woofer and 4xx going to the tweeter. I used a long(36 foot pair) of Kimber 8TC for a long time and it sounded pretty good for the money, plus it is super easy to sell kimber and either break even or make money(as long as you buy used to begin with). You could also use a single run of 8TC or something similar and split it into 2-4TC runs while retaining the original braid.
Just so everyone knows, I am not biwiring here, only biamping. I could use the same cable on tweeter and midbass, but I have different amplifiers on each. So I have to find cable that works well with both amps. Currently I am working on the midbass cable, once that is complete I will work on the tweeter cable.
Unless you sit your amps very far apart, you can double biwire.
Yes, the amps are pretty far apart