speaker cable suggestions

I need some speaker cable suggestions for my Spendor SP100R2's and my Jadis JA-30 amps. I have tried Kubala Emotions but way to warm. Throw out some ideas. Thanks
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Ready to spend real money?
Ready not spend lots of money, but still get a smile on your face?? ...try Anti-Cables.
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With this setup, I would probably go with the Cardas Clear Light cables for the best results. Audience AU24 "e" is probably also a good choice as well, but the Clear Lights would be my first option. Enjoy!
I have the SP 100s and use Cardas GR. I tried the Anti Cables, they leave out a lot of the music; sold them for half what I paid. If you want a cheaper one Mapleshade is good with a similar bias toward the top end as the A-Cs but more acceptable. It may be that the warmth is coming from the amp, not the cable; if you can try another amp, possibly a good SS, on the speakers to see if this is the case. There are two different ways to go with cables; looking for maximum accuracy and using them as tone controls. I find the Cardas accurate with my Spendors and Gamut L5s. One friend uses Sasha with Lamm hybrids, and another uses AvauntGuard [sp.?] Horns with custom tube amps and both use GRs. BUT if you want your system to sound more forward or brighter they are not the best choice. I would look at Transparent in that case. The lower ranges, I saw an older series Ultra for around $400 that I though about buying for my HT myself.
I would suggest trying Purist Audio Colossus used. Not really expensive. If you like them you could either keep them or move up to Proteus; if not - just sell them.
Or some Stealth Audio cables.
Purist Colossus is very 3D, but heavy in the bass, and recessed on top...If you don't like Kulas you wont like these. Cardas (I tried all) was the worst sounding cables I ever had in MY system. It just shows to go ya that cables are VERY system dependent. You really have to try them in your own system to hear what they do.
Stingreen, I agree with you about Cardas but totally disagree about Purist. Colossus is not heavy in the bass, it is just right. Nor is it recessed on top though it doesn't mean that you can't do better, you can. And midrange is just excellent. So, in my opinion, this is one cable definitely worth trying; or as I said Proteus.
Yes, of course, systems vary as do preferances.
There is someone here on Audiogon, and he posted his system, who uses Jadis electronics and speakers. He said he tried many cable brands and chose Jorma, that's Swedish quite expensive brand. You could try it too.
Inna...I tells it like I hears it....a reason to try it in YOUR system. There are 2 permutations of Colossus..1,2. 2 is a bit better in the mids with less fake base and better overall presentation.
I have had some very expensive speaker cables in and out of my system.

I have found that a 4 nines Soft annealed 14 gauge silver cable to be the best of all worlds. Cover the silver with 12 ga Teflon tubing and use Goertz Silver spades with silver solder or just use the wire bare.
I also use Walker HDL and the Ground Controls.

Wayyyy better than my High $$$$ cables that are listed currently in my system link.
Ozzy, based on your system pics, I would take your opinions with a shot of Tequila and a couple of "Special Brownies". Maybe then I would hear what you hear:O)
Clear Day Double Shotgun speaker cables. Solid core silver. Not bright or colored, just clean, clear, and fast. They haven't pushed my Nordost Valkyrja out of my system but they have a similar sound.
I have tried the Clear Day cables and they are very good. I think they are made with multi small gauge solid 999 silver wire.
These cables were also better than my system listed cables.
Siltech all the way !
Give Morrow Audio a try... SP4s and above should be a good start... excellent trial period. They need 100s of hours of breakin and settling in, but once you are there... very satisfying in my experience with three systems.

:) listening,

I'll throw in a third for the Clear Day cables, Dan_ed said it right, clean, clear, and fast. For what these cables cost they really are worth a try, and Paul is one of the good guys in audio too.

Order of performance in my system.

1. DIY 9999 14 gauge soft annealed Silver cable
2. Clear day Double Shotgun
3. Synergistic Research Apex
4. Morrow SP-6
Once again Clear Day double shotgun way before the Morrow SP6 or Anti-cable. Had them both along with others and Clear Day has easily topped them all. Not saying the best by any means but the solid core soft annealed cables are damn good.
Magnan Signature...
This is one of those cables that I have kept despite that for example Nordost Valhalla, Tara Labs The One, Wireworld Gold Eclipse 5.2 etc etc have been bought, used and sold.

Magnan Signature will perform on par with the better cables out there, but without the hefty price tag.

Highly recommended.

My current setup uses Magnan Signature for mid and treble while bass are handled through MIT MH-850 CVT Evo Shotgun.
Mikeyaya, Since it appears we are just throwing out ideas, I would listen to Teresonic Clarion cables if possible. The price is not bad used but hard to find.
I second the recommendation of Jp1208. Clear Day Cables double shot guns beat every other speaker cable I have owned or demo'd and are a steal at $400. And you can demo them for free without any hassles. They replaced my $1200 Gabriel Gold Revelation RevR speaker cables.
In MY experience, speaker cables made the smallest difference of all the cables in my system. Power cords were the most important, interconnects the next, and then speaker cables.
Stringreen, you have no idea how much musical enjoyment you are being deprived of using your current cables. I think you have some very nice gear....if you would only allow it to breathe and come alive "O)

Stingreen, the BMI Hammerhead MK5 power cords have made the biggest improvement by far so I may agree with you on the power cord theory. No other cable has added more convincing information before.
Try the "Anti Cables" They work very well with Spendor speakers and are cheap!
Can say with 100% confidence that Basis Audio has the absolute best cables for the money. I've tried a number of different brands and found Basis to be simply outstanding vs. other better known brands. They use the most expensive teflon jacket which eliminates any/all interference and thus delivers tremendous clarity, bass, detail, soundstage, and quite background. I am now switched over to all Basis IC's, power cords, and speaker cables and system never sounded better. Huge improvement over crystal cable, acoustic zen, auditorium 23, acrolink, Kimber, and Stealth cables I have tried. I do not even need the bybee rca's when using the Basis Audio interconnects! Best kept secret in audio cables!!!