Speaker Cable suggestions

I want to start making some speaker cables to compare. I am currently using some 12ga zip cord (Sound King) from my Levinson ML-9 amp to Vandy 1c speakers.

I want to try out other cables that I can get for under $10 per foot. Any suggestions as to what to try? I've only used the zip cord and in my prior setup with Vandy 2ci's I used Nordost super Flatline (not the easiest to terminate myself).

As a permanently jaded 'phile;I couldn't see paying that little for wires. Good luck.
Simple, find some magnet wire ala the Speltz Anti-cables. You won't need to look for more. Lot of info here if you do a search.

Take a look at VHaudio.com... Chris has some star quad cryoed cable for $5.99 a foot....looks pretty interesting IMO....he also sells the connectors as well!...I am thinking of trying to put together a pair of cables myself. Chris is a great guy to deal with, and gets back with you quickly if you have any questions...good luck!
wasting money on your equipment. you are probably not even getting 25% of the performance with these cheap junk wires
well, 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other...
I haven't made up my mind about cables yet, but if my equipment outshines my cables, give me some suggestions on what to try.
Alpha Core: www.alphacore.com sells premade and DIY cables. Great prices and great sound IMO. I have the MI-2 Veracity.