Speaker Cable suggestion VA Kiss & Krell FPB200c


Would appreciate any suggestions from experienced users with both brands.

I used to use a Xindak FS2 which I was happy with. Other cabling is Cardas Golden Cross.

Some have suggested MG Audio Planus, Magnan Signature which are also copper foil cables like Xindak since I was happy with those. Others suggest Transparent or MIT but those are terribly costly.

Would like an open, natural sound with full bodied,tonal density and warmth all the same and no treble hardness or brightness.

Straight Wire

to your list- go out to your local dealer/retailer and listen, listen, listen. Have fun and Happy Listening!
I use to own your very same amp, The Tara labs, The one speaker cables and I/C's, were a damn good match for the Krell FPB-200, cheers.
Hi Mikey - if it is at all possible, try to listen to a pair of Silent Source Signature speaker cables with your amp and speakers. Based on what sonic characteristics you are looking for and the match to the equipment, it should be exactly what you want.
Hi Mikey,
I also owned a pair of VA kiss., driving them with Luxman M 800 a. , I found Hi diamond d8. Speaker cable to be the most involving, VA kiss can have thick sound with the wrong cable. Happy hunting.

I am trying a pair of Cardas Golden Reference now - so far it seems a little slow and thick sounding.

Audiolabyrinth, Taralabs The One is beyond my budget.

JAFant, I used to use Straightwire Virtuoso interconnects and found them a bit bright on the treble.

Noom, HiDiamond D8 is beyond my budget, How does Hi Diamond D7 compare?

Also, has anyone used Wywires Silver or Platinum and how do they compare?
Many Thanks! Mikey8811-

I will concur w/ Jwpstayman, seek out the Silent Source cables/cords. They are simply outstanding! I had a wonderful demo @ John Fort Audio- Dallas TX- earlier this year.
Happy Listening!
Hi Mikey8811, The tara labs The One is a deal on the used market here on audiogon, mind me asking, what is your budget for speaker cables?, what length?, and your budget for interconnects?, what length?, how many?, this would help, I may be able to give a different recommendation, cheers.
Get Stealth V12 sounds great be a sport.