Speaker Cable Suggestion for Tannoy Speakers

I'm looking for any speaker cable suggestions for my Tannoy Canterbury speakers. Currently I am using single wire audience au24's that I had used with my prior speakers. I'm thinking of probably a bi-wire configuration. It would be great to hear what you might suggest and the change the speaker wire would provide. Thanks for your assistance.
Cardas Clear is the best I've tried, but it's expensive, and the bi-wire version (Cardas Clear Beyond) is even more costly. Acoustic Zen Double Barrel is the second best I've tried.

Whatever you do, look for UPOCC wire with Teflon dielectric.
My suggestion is to look for Single Core cables for tannoys especially if you are running them with Tube amps.
I use ASI Livelines and love them..they made such a difference that i went for their ICs as well.

I believe the internal wiring is all Oyaide wiring, so that could be an option.
tannoys are internally wired with VAN DEN HUL